Bombers starting def HB suspended for recreational drug use

Bruce Johnson, starting defensive HB for Winnipeg, has been suspended 2 games for using a banned substance. Apparently it was for using MDMA (ecstasy) . This makes the trade for Heath that much more critical for the Bombers as they continue their push for a playoff spot.

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Some of these guys just don't get it. Pot to me no big deal but true chemicals, are you friggin kidding me. What's next show up to play while on crack. I'd be cutting him or trying to get him help would be the good thing to do. I'd cut him. haha.

Glad I'm not a parent having to worry about kids on any number of whacked drugs. In my day it was pot or hash.

Lots of inaccuracies in this thread. It was MDA (not MDMA, which is extacy) of which there's two types. One is a recreational drug. The other is a long lasting stimulant, considered to enhance athletic performance. Bruce Johnson was caught taking the performance enhancing one.

Try getting your facts straight before posting stuff like this.

2 games is right in my opinion for first offense. However I would be deeply disappointed in the Bombers if they don't lower the boom on him - not cut him though... I would have this guy doing weekly pee tests and a ton of community work on his own time. One horrific mistake doesn't warrant ending a career - it does warrant a learning opportunity that Johnson will never forget