Bombers star-Gavin Walls- trying luck in NFL

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The CFL's rookie of the year is attracting plenty of interest south of the border.

Gavin Walls, a defensive end who led the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with 12 sacks in 2005, worked out for the NFL's New York Jets last Thursday and is scheduled to do the same with the playoff-bound Jacksonville Jaguars later this week.

Walls, 25, said the Washington Redskins are also interested, but he's keeping his cool.

"It's not like I'm coming out of college and I'm all excited about these workouts. It's on a whole different level now," Walls said yesterday from Arkansas. "I've went to different leagues and stayed active these last couple years.

"If they give me an opportunity to work out, then I'm going in to do the best I can."

NFL teams are now allowed to sign CFL players entering the option year of their contracts. The signing window closes in mid-February.

The Jets, who also took a look at Edmonton Eskimos defensive end Rashad Jeanty last Thursday, worked out Walls at linebacker, which is understandable considering his size. At 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds, Walls would be considered a light linebacker in the NFL, and defensive end is likely out of the question.

"I'll always have that (during) my career," said Walls. "They thought the same thing up there in Winnipeg. You can't judge a book by its cover.

"... I'm just preparing myself first at linebacker, but if they want me to put my hand down and do a couple things, then that's fine. I'm already prepared for that."

Special teams is another possibility for Walls in the NFL, but he's leaving his options wide open.

"I'm preparing myself, working out, and if it happens it happens," he said. "If not, you go to Plan B."


Plan B is back in the CFL, where he would hope to receive a handsome contract extension from Bombers GM Brendan Taman.

"Plan B could become Plan A, too," Walls said.

"It's just one of those situations where this is new to me, and I've showed (the Bombers) what I can do. Now I can do more than that, so let's talk business.

"It's pretty open, man. I haven't pushed the CFL out, or I haven't put the NFL first. Of course I'd love the opportunity down here, but, at the same time, if things are worth me coming back there then, hey, I'm just trying to play football and play another down."

Bombers offensive lineman Dan Goodspeed, also entering his option year, reported yesterday that he has heard from five NFL teams, although he wouldn't identify them.

The 28-year-old tackle hasn't worked out for any of those squads yet, and he's also interested to see what kind of staff new Bombers head coach Doug Berry will assemble.

"I'm still thinking that I just want to come up there, but who knows," Goodspeed said yesterday from his hometown of Tampa.

The 6-foot-6, 315-pound Goodspeed had NFL stints with San Francisco, New York Jets, Tampa Bay (where he won a Super Bowl ring in 2002), Miami and Washington before joining the Bombers in July.

Traitor! would this be a huge lose to the Bombers D?

umm yes it would be a huge lose to bombers hes our like best defenceman. he led the cfl with 12 sacks!
If he join's redskins he'll be seeing mike sellers, a former blue bomber

good luck gavin walls!

KK how can he be a traitor? If he signed as a free agent with one of the other CFL teams, then I could understand your comment. But the guy is trying to make more money down south. Can't call him a traitor for wanting more coin!

Grrrrrrr! The NFL is stealing our players.

well sportsman from your comment i guess you can call him very greedy

....then paint me greedy too.....if someone offered me seventy grand a year to do exactly what I'm doing now for thirty-five grand, I'd jump ship.....

admit it, most people probly would.

Practical more than Greedy.... Like jm02 said, if you got abetter job offer, you'd move too!

SAME BLODDY THING! unless he IS a free agent. I wouldn't jump ship from this great football league for anything.

I hope Winnipeg can persuade him to say!

if he leaves, as soon as he comes back to the north side of the broder, I suggest we kill him!

he cant leave! hes one of our defensive threats!

Hmm Kanga, So if you were making $40,000 a year in the CFL, complete with Mosquitos and minus 20 weather for home games, you're telling me you wouldn't go to nice Sunny Miami and play for $450,000 in the Sun and warmth, with the ocasional visit to Green Bay?

.....because that's a great way to keep a player on your team.....

Rumor has it Gavin signing with the Evil Empire! He is to small for the NFL and is more suited to the CFL.

My dad also said hes to small for the NFL.

and **** off the fans of the team I worked so hard with to win the cup? NO WAY!

I'm not very serious but that is an effective way to make him stay.

I could poison him down here in the US if you like, no body would ever know. :lol:

If he is too small to play in the NFL but des anyway, he would breack like my mom's china! :lol:

Did that make sense to anyone? :?

Nope.....sorry, Kanga.....your logic sometimes astounds me, and not for positive reasons.....

lol u crack me up jm02 :lol: