Pregame show BSing about putting in Nichols. Nichols has had plenty of chances to prove himself..He is terrible... If Willy can't do it this game, the Bombers will have to get a QB from Montreal or Somewhere else from the East.

I know you have season tickets for EVERY team, B, so are you at this game, too? :wink:


Pushup competition was fun.

Montreal? They have QB issues of their own. Willy needs a big game. Not sure if he has it in him.

I tip my hat to Rod Smith. Didn't think he'd be able to crank out 22. lol

LOL. I agree. I don't think I could do 22 and I am not as heavy as Rod Smith. I was impressed. :thup:

What made me laugh is Matty talked about Willy being the most hurried, hit, and sacked QB the last few seasons. If that's the case, what good is putting Nichols in gonna do? Sounds like the oline is the real issue.

I say this every week but you have to love the Blue Bomber uniforms.

Decent drive by Bombers. Bad week to pick a road team? :lol:

Good thing that they unis look sharp so the poor fans have something to cheer about! :wink:

I saw more shoulder than horse collar.

That's definitely a fumble.

Me, too. I don't get that penalty.

Probably not in this case although the Stamps receivers need to look a bit sharper :wink: - or some of them do. A bit of an uncharacteristic drop by Grant though - based on his time in black and gold.

Definite fumble. Bombers get a first down. Calgary not practice during the bye? :stuck_out_tongue:

Bombers give it back. Unless the penalties say otherwise.

Returned the favour.

The hand did slip into the collar a bit at the end but it didn't start there. Borderline call.

Bakery seems to have opened up at IGF! :lol:

Fans? What fans?
I have never seen so many empty seats in Winnipeg since 96.

As a Season Ticket holder for the Bombers, I can see why you're angry, Bungle. All that money YOU spend to support the CFL and other slugs do not.

Where are your Season Tickets, B? I assume you are at the game.

I live in Vamcouver.. Every game is sold out