Please just be a good game...please just be a good game...Please just be a good game
Please just be a good game

Great sack by Corney ! Great speed it looks like you have another rush end .

Block and Nichols in for the TD .

Well voting against my Bombers ,gets me to 500 for the Grey Cup Challenge

Same old useless LaPo offence.
Mike Oshea is as good as toast.

Why the fuck didnt Oshea challenge that!!!! For Fuck sakes!!!!! Fire the motherfucker now!!!!

Winnipeg is so bad.

O'Shea just doesn't have command . He might get one more home game after tonight to straighten them out but that's about it .

36-7 Calgary rolling along

Not a lot of penalties in this game Bungle. You must be very happy.

This is horrifying for the Bombers. It's only the start of the fourth quarter too. That offence can't do anything. 13 mins for the Bombers and 31 mins for the Stampeders, wowww...

I would start the search now for a new HC who has his own entourage of OC , DC and special teams available to him at the end of the season or this could get ugly .

I really would like O'Shea to succeed but it just isn't his time . Maybe he can find that rookie QB hiding somewhere who will stir things up because I don't see Willy's progression either .

Winnipeg play's Hamilton next week. Both teams sucked tonight. Makes it hard to call. Maybe we'll see a close game.

Pft... Bombers will get their asses handed to them again

Pft... Bombers will get their asses handed to them again

Two pretty dull games tonight although the late game has been mind numbingly dull.

8 games this year so far.. 7 have sucked. This will be three years in a row since Cohon's speach that the CFL has sucked

Just in case it doesn't get better in Bomberland - 3 ex CFL QB's coaching in the NFL that would need some money and coaxing to coach up north .

            #1 Tom Clements - Green Bay Packers
            # 2 Danny Barrett- Miami Dolphins
            # 3 Jeff Garcia - St.Louis/LA Rams

I always wanted to see Tom back in the league . Danny surprised me by not being in the league . Jeff I am not sure is ready for a head coaching job just yet .

Pretty much how I expected.
I was at the game.

Nice send of for Karyn Drake ( the TD Horse ) rider.
I remember her first run in 93.
All the best to her daughter Chelsea taking over.

I mentioned it because I am not sure if TSN would bring it up.

As for the Bombers, I have noticed that they are one one team on this site that does not get trashed.
I use the term trashed to describe fans against this team or that team.
I think it is because people just feel sorry for them .

that's precisely how I feel about the them...or rather their long suffering fans who continue to support this team through thick and thin.
I know very well about chronic futility being a Cats fan and all and trust me it is not fun.

If the Bombers go 0-4 to start (or possibly 0-3) heads will roll as the Bomber faithful (bless their hearts) have shown great patience although have been restless for some time now and with good reason.
O'Shea and Walters are on thin ice and need to win their next game or we may see LaPolice taking over as HC very very soon who was their best coach since Dave Ritchie and righting a wrong that should never have occurred in the first place.

LaPo was unemployed from the time the bombers fired him as HC to the time they rehired him as OC.
There's a reason no other club hired him in between, and it's because every other club knows he is garbage.

The Bombers are figuring this out for the second time now, but this time he's bringing the HC and GM down with him.