Max Hall gets the start again; Calgary opens 16 point favourites.

Morley and Watson likely back this week as well.

Edwards out, probably replaced by Wallace Miles.

Washington is out too. Jovon is probable.

Sears looks and sounds as if he's ready to come off the 9 game early but according to Burkes comments reported in the FreePress they have to see make sure they can fit it under the cap. This is what I was afraid of. This is a young team. Few veterans should mean fewer big contracts, and one of those Buono and the Lions were kind enough to take off our hands. Compared to the other teams we should have had one of if not the lowest payroll in the league. Shuttling guys in and out and all the injuries haven't helped at all. They should've 9 gamed Simpson, just shut him down and taken part of his salary off the books. At this rate you're holding out to possibly get him back for the last one or two meaningless games of the season? The first pick is huge for us to get a good young player or as trade bait to pry another player off someone else's roster. I just hope this mess doesn't come back and cost us our top pick in the draft, further adding insult to injury.

Very strange that Sims-Walker is taking so long to work his way into the line-up. Burke says he's not yet familiar enough with the playbook but I'm guessing there's more to it than that. Possibly injured or badly out of shape having been out of football for a while?

Sims-Walker is more of a wideout than a slot so he probably wasn't the best option to take Edward's slot. Could be a number of issues, fitness as you suggest, or maybe he's struggling to learn the waggle and other nuances of the position that he's struggling with. Kelly has made an impact since he first arrived, Denmark has picked up his game since Sims-Walker came up, so there's a bit of a logjam in front of him right now. He's stuck around though so it seems like he wants to be here at least as opposed to Bradley Randle who apparently didn't want to do much more than practice.

Sears is indeed back tomorrow night; let's hope the Bombers show some pride and play competitively.

Been a long time since I can remember even a close game in Calgary, they usually soil the bed rather thoroughly out there.

......I know one thing....if the Bombers even come close in this one,,,RedWhite will commit hari-kari...Frees spots on the bingo card you know... :lol: Trade rumours between the 2 clubs are in the air???Could Glenn be coming back to the Peg...I know it won't be till after the season...but could it happen?????There was a report awhile back that a deal was in the works.....Maybe yes...???Maybe no???? :roll:

Looks like Will Ford wants to be back next year…

....Somewhere to start....Will Ford :thup: ....Get a qb. who can throw ...Another lame game from the not so bigblue :lol:

At least the Bombers are keeping Cornish under wraps! :lol:

Someone please remind me why we got rid of Palardy and got Sandro instead.

Doesn't really matter, they're both lousy kickers. So many needs, so little time.....

Turner calling out the defensive coaching in this mornings Sun, 'didn't prepare to stop the run, even though they knew the Stamps were a running team'. lol, I don't think Creehan is capable of coaching a starving dog in from the rain with a pork chop.

Everyone knew that after last season :wink:
Sorry :oops:

True but, most here thought Burke's influence would rub off to some degree. Maybe it has, maybe Burke is just as bad a one trick pony as Creehan is.

Yep, Creehan was a huge bust in Hamilton. No reason to think things would be different in Winnipeg. Particularly damning because he inherited a good group of players but has still not been able to field a consistently good D.

I think Burke is a good coach. If Mack had respected his people Burke would at minimum have had Mike Edem and Kevin Glenn, add to that his terrible handling of Labatte and those 3 mistakes changed the fortunes of your team quite a bit and that's just 3 obvious mistakes. I think the Bombers have to make the right changes but they have to be careful not to throw everything out.

Well, I think Burke is a good defensive coordinator.

I also think he's one lousy head coach.

.....This whole coaching crew will get their walking papers when the final quarter of this season wraps up...Miller has other people in mind :wink: