Bombers, Stamps meet on Friday night in West Division battle

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers will attempt to reclaim first place in the West Division while the Calgary Stampeders try to get back to .500 when the two teams meet for the first time this season on Friday night at IG Field. 

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As long as this home game keeps us on the edge of our seats from start to finish (with a break in between for beers, snacks and trough breaks) then we’ll be happy to let the Stampeders almost win. It’s the least we can do. :smiley: :+1:


Almost win… Like the Elk almost won last night’s fiasco.
Let’s hope for better


A wild and crazy finish was the reward for those who had the patience to stay and watch that mess until the end. I’m glad for Elks’ fans that Chris Jones managed to lose that one through last minute coaching errors. He’s that much closer to getting run out of town.


Pretty much The Jones pride and ego are the teams biggest enemies


Was Jones the first coach penalize for standing on the field of play?

:+1: :tornado:

I’ll wait for the gameday thread to materialize but in the meantime lets hope the Bombers don’t suffer a Game 5 sag in performance. Still no sign of Superstar Lawler so Demski, Schoen, Wally Tarski continue with strains & pains. Calgary has some mean mothers that can expose old men like Hardick & frauds like Geoff Gray or Kanikolewski (C). Bighill’s dad just passed and Adam missed practices - was listed as doubtful but it wasn’t an O’Shea ruse this time - Bighill is starting to deteriorate by the game, ever so small amounts but noticeable to those with a keen football eye.
Missing him as an on-field coach even though he doesn’t pack as stiff a punch as he used to. Still an above average MLB.

p.S. Wonder if Paul La Police (aka PLOP) is on Air-Canada stand-bye when the pyrogy guillotine drops on Chris “Cherry Juice” Jones. The longer the Elkmonton board waits to boot that fraud out of town, the worse its gonna be . . . .


I am so inspired by your optimism!


No but he is the first to get run over by a ref.

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I was traded away from Team Rah-Rah some years ago - for future considerations - aka licorice cigars + pipes.

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just hoping we get a decent game.

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Or at least decent banter on the message board. :tumbler_glass: :taco:

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i’m drinking some weird mexican style craft beer - pineapple habanero sour tropical beer. lol :pineapple: :beer:

go :bombers: bombers


Stamps get crushed
I predict by at least 3 touchdowns
A 1-3 start and will only get worse
A fat flake at quarterback who’s taking this team nowhere
The only possible good thing that can come from this mess is Dickinhead is kicked to the curb

So it’s weird, but is it good?
I generally don’t like the sours but a little :pineapple: :hot_pepper: flavor doesn’t sound bad.

i will let you know when i open it at game time. while i’m tempted to start early, i want to last into the third quarter at least :laughing: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I’m just starting my whiskey smoothie now because it’s almost 7 in Illinois and that’s about as late as I drink.

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Sorry, Bombers don’t accomodate many “crushings” anymore. Other than being crushed themselves by Vancouver. Bombers will play to the level of their opponent and hope their famed discipline & ZC QB heroics will keep them in the game, for ultimate conquest.

oh my i forget about time changes. not even 5 here and i’m still contemplating my game time meal. thinking some pasta with pesto and lots of garlic.