Bombers, Stamps Injury Reports: Carey absent from Tuesday practice

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Calgary Stampeders have submitted their first injury reports ahead of their game on Saturday night.

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Sounds like Carey, Thurman & Dennis may have Illness-19?

No! Just hangovers from the week long parties ! :grinning:

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My cure for a hangover is ice cold tomato juice with Worcestershire & Tabasco sauce.......
..............or 5 or 6 salted glasses of clamato juice, Vodka, Worcestershire/tobacco sauces & celery......and a plate of hot wings!

yes it's confirmed some have illness-19.

it's sad, they have antigenic fixation, all vaxed people have wrong antibodies for omicron. That's called science.

hope they can get healthy by Saturday!

go Stamps!

Probably won't be in shape to play after the flu unfortunately.

I would put Judge and Sindani down as questionable too. Those injuries take their own time to heal and you are way better letting them heal than re-injuring them and having them miss more time.

Looks like almost everyone was back at practice today. Only Sindani, Henery and Moore listed as Questionable/Doubtful.

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Someone on that team had a touch of pneumonia. Hopefully it's been nipped in the bud.

Not everyone is well but at least this outbreak looks to have been contained. We've learned how to do that over the last couple years. Before Covid 19 a viral outbreak would've ravaged the whole team.

Anyone remember the 49er's with Jeff Garcia behind centre fighting the flu and dehydration yet still managing to somehow play that day?

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