Bombers Stamps game day.

Kevin Glenn's Playbook:

The coaching staff of the Bombers has to take some of the blame. When Glenn starts to get in to trouble they have to take back the reins and start calling the offense. Has Glenn been calling ALL of the plays?

As far as I know he has been, and as much as I joke I'd still like to keep it that way for at least one more game he's done some good calls, today just didn't work out.

Five touchdowns for Burris tonight. I hate to say it but he has to get some concideration for the MOP in the league this year. The stamps are hot right now.

I don't know who to give the nod to: Burris or Calvillo.

...a brutal performance by the BigBlue.....i guess they're saving themselves for the play-offs....or 09.....IF i were a western team...based on the performance of the Bombers...hey ...why not drop to the cross-over position....I haven't seen anything resembling the 07 Bombers this year...and a Grey Cup appearance looks very dubious at this time....

Dont feel bad pappy. With a little luck, you guys could sqweek out of the "B" division.

Our poor horse at one point yesterday looked like it could use oxygen. I imagine it got
extra oats today. :slight_smile: