Bombers Stamps game day.

I guess you could call that a streak... :lol:

Go Stamps Go!!!

Thanks Piggy it will be nice to see you with that Stamps emblem Hope the game is on TV today I am not going anywhere fast this week.

Booo to these delays. Can't they have a start time of 6:15?

Teams need to start punishing players who take bonehead penalties. The Bombers were moving the ball so well, and then Picard takes that dumb holding penalty.

And I'm pretty surprised that Serna made that FG.

Why are the Stamps trying to run the ball? Bombers are stuffing Reynolds, but giving up the pass.

Yeah it’s not looking too good for me so far on the bet but there’s a lot of game left. Anybody from the Stamps side other than 05 willing to man up and put a Bomber logo in their sig if Bombers do win?

I'm thinking the Stamps's cheerleaders could throw and catch on these guys.

Yeah, I was hoping for a good game, but this one is looking like it might be a little one-sided. Fortunately my Texas game starts in under 30.

Why is Bean on the field??

Who is this guy placekicking for the Bombers, and what did he do with Serna?

I'm hoping to see Dinwiddie in the second half, he's proven pony killer.

...I hope we see someone.....Glenn the bearded wonder, may as well take a shower...Mr. Bean can join him....Serna is trying to make my crap-list...but he connected on a couple of long field-goals,,,and then surpised the hell out of me with a couple of nice punts.....Keep praying might shake Westys ghost yet... :lol: :lol:

Kevin Glenn is the ultimate tease, it must drive Berry nuts.

Damn Bombers. Can't rely on them for nothing. I'm taking off my Westwood mullett and my Stegall bling bling teeth.


I'd leave the mullet on.

Come on, a 1 yard pass on a 2nd & 17 is a good call… :thdn:

Warm up those stamp emblems and go stamp go in the signatures thanks boys your team scored more then the last team.

Good job Stamps!! :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

yeah yeah, it's in lol

Thanks looking good. Hey your team locked up 2nd and only had to play good for half a season. I thought Dinwiddle did a good job until the offensive line started to break down. I would go with him. What the heck play book was Glenn playing from?