Bombers Stamps game day.

Lets go Bombers! Lets go Bombers! Let go Bombers! Lets go Stegall! Lets go Glenn! Lets go Smith!

The Stumps are going to be playing desperate football in an attempt to avoid the hungry, win streaking, Leos for a first place showdown.

Lets go Bombers! Lets go Bombers!


Yeh, they have 1, count them,1, win in a row now. Pretty scary streak.

6 of 7 baby!

Now back to the game day! Lets Go Bombers! (thump thrump). Lets Go Bombers (thump thump)

...don't get too excited swervin.....the Bombers only need the Argos to lose to the Als. and the Peg clinches...i'm afraid we might take our foot off the pedal, if that ends-up being the case....we could go into experimental mode....but then it might confuse the hell out of the stumps and we get a win.....should be fun ... :roll: :lol:

Swervin now come on do not put that bomber cheerleading out fit on you know what will happen.

Ah the old confusion play hey Pappa. Seems like your bombers used that play a lot at the start of the season.

…you know red…we’re clearing our heads a bit now…we could get dangerous…lol …and besides, you know confusion runs supreme in this league :lol: :lol:

Yes dad I know about confusion! This week I am recovery from a work related injury (concussion) and I now know what these guys are talking about cob webs. It should be interesting. The bombers are the only team the stamps have not beat. And it seems that we play you guys on a short week. LOL

Swervin now come on do not put that bomber cheerleading out fit on you know what will happen.
Yah, I'll look like a hairy gorilla in a blue one piece bombers outfit.

i told you not to go skate=boarding without that helmet my son...just kidding ...hope your feeling better....let the game begin....i expect to see some big-plays from both teams... :rockin:

Lets Go Bombers! (thump thump) Lets Go Bombers! (thump thump)

P.S. Thats my Bombers drum not a bible.

Yup feeling better each day the dizzy spells are going away slowly. Return to work Monday hopefully. So I made a bet with my good friend mpdid and I am offering this to you and piggy as well. If the stamps win you put in your signature go stamps go with a stamp emblem for the rest of the regular season. If the bombers wins I will put a bombers emblem and go bombers go in the signature. The bomber jersey you sent me though is covering up my plants right now so once we have a snow fall I will put it back in the garage.

Swervin like I said kill the cheerleading costume those hairy legs may get a couple of green fans excited. :smiley:

lol ....i'm not going to tell you what i did with the stamps you got a deal...i can handle it for the rest of the REG. season....but i cut it off at the what does that stamps emblem look like again ...oh yeah the horse :lol:

Lets GO Bombers! (Thump Thump) Lets Go Bombers! (thump thump)

Yep, I'm wearing by Bombers' hat today.

Heck, I'm wearing my wife's bombers panties, a bombers shirt, a bombers hat, a Troy Westwood Bombers Halloween mullet, and some Milt Stegall "bling bling" bombers teeth.

Wow you went all out!

Sorry to hear about that bump on the noggin 05.

I'm only in on the bet IF, the Argos win today, otherwise I think pappa is right and the Bombers will be holding open try outs the rest of the way.