Bombers speak out.......

"It's their prerogative, man. If they come into the game pissed off, I mean, so be it."

Jamie Stoddard

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The Bombers organization can backpeddle all they want, it was a good game with the exception of two incidents. Stopping the game for so long to honour Stegall displayed house league mentality and I don't believe that it was solely a CFL decision nor should Scott Mitchell have to call Lyle Bauer to whine about it especially when Bauer alleges that it wasn't his decision.
Stegall is a great player and should be recognized but it should have been done at halftime. The field goal attempt on the last play showed no class at all and Charlie Taaffe was correct in his actions. It was probably more a case of the student trying to punish the teacher. Very childish on Berry's part.
You have to consider what there is in Winnipeg to cheer about year round. Not much really as the Bombers are all that they have and the organization has to taunt and complain about every other team just to make themselves stay #1 with the fans.
And no one who comes from Winnipeg should ever call Hamilton a hole. I've been to Winnipeg quite a few times and it is no Garden of Eden. The only good things that come from Winnipeg are the roads and most of them don't go anywhere.
I only hope that there is sufficient noise when the Bombers offense hits the line of scrimmage that even their water boy can't hear himself think.

What's the big deal about this?
They stopped the game for Damon Allen last year.
I'm pretty sure they stopped it for Terry Vaughn, and definitely for Rocky Dipietro back in '89. Maybe for Darren Flutie too when he broke the receiving record, but I don't remember that one.
They even stopped the game in toronto when Danny Mac went over 50000 yards for his career. (Just for a quick photo with Allen and Lancaster, but they still stopped it)

It happens when records are broken. Deal with it.

Quit whining. It makes you look foolish. The Bombers won, we lost. End of game,time to move on. This kind of garbage is for losers, Oh yea, we ARE losers

you'd think mitchell was gonaa suit up and play. i wonder if the players aren't too thrilled with mitchell's comments.

Damn if it wasn't for that break to honor Stegall the Cats woulda won. Who knew?

An Argo-Cat fan


Your post is juvenile nonsense.

I know that it pisses me off when ANY game is interupted for ANY record in ANY sport. I changed the station because I knew it was comming. Its normal now and out of the control of any team

Don't forget Charlie agreed to interrupt the game for the presentation.
I thought that was decent of him. Stegall deserved it. Half time might have been an acceptable time but some of the magic of the moment may have been lost by then.
Sure wish we could just celebrate a touchdown... :cry:

perhaps ticats should request a break in the action for some form of a presentation if and when they score their next TD :wink:

it might be up there in all time ivor wynn moments with henley and mosca holding up the cup in 72.
another one for the archives lol

you know the ticats should be grateful that they stopped play when Stegall broke the record. I mean at the time the bombers had all the momentum, and really the break gave the crowd a chance to quiet down, what do you supposed would have happened if the ticats offence had gone onto the field with the crowd still going nuts over the Stegall record breaker?? The break did more to harm the bombers than help them that is for sure.

Actually I was thinking the exact same thing while I was standing up and clapping for Milt. The Bombers were really moving on that drive and the crowd was electric because they knew it was coming. And once it all died down, the crowd was more quiet and subdued as was the Bomber offense.

The reason it ruffled a few feathers was because they didn't get approval from the Ticats to stop the game for the presentation.

But its all good, just more bulletin board material for the Ticats on Friday!

  • paul

No one is backpeddling Baldy. We sure the hell aren't going to apologize for stopping the game to honor one of the CFL's all time greats.
Also, while I agree the last play field goal was a bit much, Westwood needs all the game action he can get. A few games ago he was sitting on the bench.
Not much to cheer about in Winnipeg? The Bombers are already out of the Ti-Cats' sight in the standings. At least handle losing with dignity and grace. The same can be said for your team president.

Westwood needs all the game action he can get
The guy is ancient. How much game time does he need? Hes a kicker, its like riding a bike for him. If he needs more chances, extend practice. Don't take a knee on second down and then decide to kick.

Someone help me out here....Mitchell snaps about the stoppage that Taafee gave the okay to before the game?

I personally have no problem with the stoppage. The guy set the all-time TD mark! It was classy for the Ticats to allow the stoppage but it was brutal that Mitchell complained about it after.

And BelieveinBlue, you are right about most of your post, but give me a break about Westwood. The best excuse for the cheap shot of attempting a field goal after downing the ball of the previous play is the tie-breaker rule....if I was you I'd stick to that.

I don't think Mitchell was complainig about a stoppage ,he only commented that "no one asked us" or something.

According to the Spec. article (I believe) he was upset with Berry kicking the field goal on the last play and at Browns juevenile comments in his news paper article about our city .
The time out thing was taken out of context ,no big deal with the Cats ,but they could have asked us kind of thing .

Mitchell wants the players to respond and the fans to make noise ,he's a leader encouraging the troops to win one .

I think its all a rouse to get us to stop hckling the team and focus our venom on Winnipeg.

I think Mitchells comments is a good way to stir up some emotion and take the focus of Maas and the team before the for the actual issues

It is great to quickly stop the game to honour Steegal...the Winnipeg crowd was amazing and Milt is one of the best and classiest people...for him to thank the Cats right of the bat is class act all the way

as for the last second field goal...if the Cats do not take all the stupid pentalties once again and actually put the ball in the endzone this is a none issue...field goal or not you were blown out yet again and if you do not like start producing

as for the washrooms and dressing room....this is what part of home field advantage is all about and I think the team should make it worse....Mr. Brown and anyone else who does not like it get dressed at the hotel before the game

Mitchell was also rightly upset the Roberts spoke out about Winnepeg taking the next two games....

Dear Mr.Roberts ....Learn to keep your ears open and your mouth shut.....