Bombers signing players under AFL2 contracts?

Apparantely Ramonce Taylor who's under contract with the Dorados of the AFL2 was worked out by the Bombers. Also Dorados are reporting that he walked away from his contract with the Dorados because he was offered a contract by the Bombers. I hope these reports are false. The last thing the CFL needs is for its teams to go marauding players under contract in other leagues.

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The players earn $200 a game in AFL2.

I don't think the league should be surprised.

So by your logic the NFL could sign any CFL player under contract.

But the NFL and CFL have a deal. The AF2 and the CFL do not.

The NFL and CFL have a deal ? You mean the one that expired last year ? You better check that.

I'm in complete agreement with you. We complain when players don't honour their contracts and go play in the AFL, yet the bombers have now just done the same thing to the AF2. Shame on the Bombers. Aren't the Bombers considering that an individual who is willing to not honour a contract may not have the best personality and could be a negative influence in the dressing room?

Best personality. The guy was expelled from TexasU for drug convictions, spent 5 months in the big house for violating his parole then washed out of another school. I'd be surprised if he was allowed in to Canada. So much for brining "class" back to the Bombers organisation.

The CFL and NFL have an on-going agreement to honour each others contracts and suspensions. The AFL did sign several players under CFL contract a couple of years ago, but I believe the leagues came to an agreement to honour contracts. There is no agreement between the CFL and AFL2 that I know it is open season on AFL2 players.

Would a guy making $200 per game actually have a contract?

Sounds more like a part-time job or casual labour than a contracted position.

RAMONCE TAYLOR -- the talented but occasionally troubled former University of Texas star -- has worked out for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and could very well be on their radar screen.

But the Bombers are denying reports that Taylor, a member of the Longhorns' 2006 national championship team and the team leader in all-purpose yards that season, has agreed to a contract and is heading north to training camp. The Monitor newspaper in Texas reported this week that Taylor had left the Rio Grande Valley Dorados of arenafootball2 to sign with Winnipeg.

Not so fast, said Bombers GM John Murphy in an e-mail on Friday.

"Right now it's rumours and speculation," wrote Murphy. "He skipped (the Dorados) game last week to come work out for us and that's where this is coming from. A few other CFL teams have shown interest in possibly signing him in recent weeks... He's a very good prospect who we are still evaluating..."

Taylor joined the Dorados this winter in an attempt to jump-start what had once been a promising career. The 23-year-old running back (5-11, 195) scored 15 TDs in the Longhorns' championship season, but ran into academic troubles and was arrested in May of 2006 for marijuana possession. He was suspended by UT and sentenced to serve 60 days in jail and five years deferred adjudication. He transferred to Texas College, an NAIA school, but sat out a season because he was academically ineligible. And then last year he headed to jail again for five months after violating his probation.

In an attempt to get his career going, he headed to arenafootball2 and played one game at receiver for the Dorados, making three catches for 31 yards in a win over Corpus Christi in late March.

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Update, seems the Bombers aren't the only ones interested, let's not get hypocritical here now.

.......He worked out with the Bombers....big deal.....he did not sign a contract ...big difference....People jumping the gun again...IF he can settle his current contractural obligations equitably....AND get by all of the legalize to obtain entrance to our country...I say give him a shot...We gave the same opportunity to Mike Sellers and Kyries Hebert...who also got into some hot-water down south....They didn't turn out too bad ..I don't know if the agreement we signed with the nfl is still in effect...especially the part about bringing in nfl 'bad-boys'....that could 'kibosh' the whole idea of him signing anywhere in Canada....We'll see... :roll:

Big Deal ?! The guy was found guilty of being in posesion of 4 pounds of drugs.

....and so ....Hebert was found guilty of beating his want to start weighing out differences in offences...won't work pal/// :wink:Hebert still found a home here and today is performing quite well in the nfl , as is Sellers .... :roll:

I'm pointing out in regards to your last post and his ability to gain entry in to Canada. If a Canadian had that type of conviction there is NO WAY IN HELL he would be allowed in to the US.

...Well i guess the difference is our laws compared to the U.S. AND US.....We don't view the use of marijuana the same way ...we're definitely more tolerant....I don't like writing guys off because of a few indescretions.....Certainly he has an attitude...deliberately breaking the law with regards to his parolle is not a good thing.... and the amount of illegal substance in his possession would definitely throw up a red-flag...BUT.. i don't think the kid should be kicked to the curb because of it....I am not condonig his actions the only thing that would matter to me is if he has put it all behind him.... and can he still play football at a high level...failing that, he can stay in the states... :expressionless:

i havent seen all the posts here....but the nfl trys to take r players all the time under kyies hebert or however u spell his name safety for the bombers good special nfl team tryed to sign him a few years ago....but i dont think the bombers would let him as he was under contract with its the same situation here the AFL2 team could not allow this....but i dont blame the bombers for trying its all business...its not stealing players

The CFL and NFL have an ironclad agreement about signing players under contract. Don’t confuse this with another agreement which has lapsed, about the Option year, which allows NFL teams to sign CFL players in their option year. The CFL wanted the NFL to compensate CFL teams for signing option yr players and also to invest in the CFL. The NFL was not interested, probably because they already have a feeder league in the NCAA (which costs them nothing) and they can sign all the CFL players they want for nothing. The CFL decided in the last player’s contract negotations to extend this option year deal…despite getting no compensation.

The NFL and AFL fully honour CFL contracts. They will not, and cannot sign CFL players under contract or suspension…and vice versa. The AFL2 is perhaps another story.

I think leagues like AFL2 will let a player out of a contract if that player has an opportunity to go play in league that plays at a higher level, thus earn more money.

HfxTC, in the history of the Ti-Cats, do you think they have never signed a player with a criminal record or been in trouble with the law?

I bet you if you get caught in this country with 4 x 1 pound bricks of marijuana. You will go to the big house. We are not talking about someone with a couple joints in his pockets.