Bombers Signed Another Temple player

The Bombers have signed another OL player, that may be why the Bombers let go of Morris.

Bombers signed Import OL Andre Douglas --- Douglas is 24 years old, 6'4 308 LBS

He’s an import at guard, Morris was a NI. There are already 2 other import Olinemen on the roster in tackles Glen January and Kelly Butler. I don’t think there’s enough NI depth in other positions that would allow the team to start 2 NIs on the Oline. One of those 3 will get a starting spot on the line, one with the most versatility and ability will be a back up, the other cut after TC, me thinks.

looks like he has the size to play tackle tho also. according to SI he can play tackle.. they also signed import db hicks. looks like he's a big hitter :slight_smile: good stuff :slight_smile: if we plan on starting a couple canadian receivers, we could go with 2 import olineman. i dunno, guess we'll see what happens at camp in like 2 weeks :smiley::D:D:D:D

from what ive heard they will be starting 2 NI receivers, could make it easier for them, although im not sure how the rest of our ratio will look, itd be nice if donny o could earn a starting spot on the dline.

i do wish we werent using a DI spot on a kicker tho

It's always nice to have a few options.

But just because they bring in 3 imports on the oline doesn't mean anything except more competition. Start the best players, regardless of birth certificates.

i like when people say "from what ive heard"... like from who? OTHER FANS? OR u actually got some sort of inside info on what lapo plays on doing this year with the team.. u really think... outside of reid,edwards,bowman,labatte,brown,charlton and logan that there are people who are already guaranteed roster spots?

I dunno, defeats the whole purpose of training camp dont u think..

love it, on these morons are talking about "who's gonna make the team".. well really, how can anyone say that right now.. CAMP HASNT EVEN STARTED yet..

people crying cuz pat mcdonald signed with montreal.. like seriously?

"FROM WHAT IVE HEARD" is total bs. unless u been talking to lapo and mack.. u aint got a clue what they plan on doing and u have no idea who will or will not make the team.

Seriously MOCK ROSTERS... god. people need lives.

.....that would be great if we didn't have to adhere to a 'certain' ratio.... :lol: ...I know what you mean though, pigseye....I hate it when a real nice prospect has to walk because of his birth place.....c'est la vie.... :roll: :roll:

killer if you really want that info on why i say from what ive heard you can pm me..
il explain a bit better

oh i dont care really… wasnt really talking about you… was talking more about people on other sites who live in other cities and countries really.

alright man, no worries... thought you were calling me out on it! but yes i am definately a winnipegger haha.

but to continue my non import note, i do feel there will an extra ni receiever in the starting set, and depending on camp and preseason, dont be surprised to see an unexpected canadian or two to pop up on the defensive side of the ball... from my understanding (not from a fan) the team wants to free up ratio room so that they can tinker with the oline, the extent of the tinkering i dont know... but i would assume they are hoping to have the freedom to throw in an extra big bodied import here and there, allow for some bigger blocking sets, to get reid and bernard some holes and to help are short run game that really struggled last year...

one things for sure, its going to be a new look offense this year, and im looking forward to this season and tc! :rockin:

Ha, you know what I mean papa. if the guy is that good, you find a way to get him onto the field. :thup: