bombers SIGN............

QB ALEX BRINK.. neg lister we got in the deal that saw us send 22 to hamilton.

just a lil note on the guy

Positives: Poised, intelligent quarterback. ... Washington State staff raves about his football IQ. ... Quick delivery and set up. ... Compact delivery. ... Good short- and medium-range accuracy when he gets into a rhythm. ... Feels pressure and is athletic enough to step up in the pocket and keep the play alive. ... Leader on and off the field. ... Only quarterback in Washington State history to beat the rival Washington Huskies three times. Negatives: Marginal size for the position. ... Lacks prototypical arm strength. ... Streaky passer whose passes too often force receivers to break stride. ... Will try to force the action, throwing passes into coverage. ... Has to wind-up for longer throws. ... Athletically limited quarterback with only marginal technique despite starting 40 games over his career.

SIGNED already tho according to multiple sources.

geesh kid seems solid

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Reminds me of Dinwiddie. . .

Probably training camp fodder. . .

lol if he didnt lack arm strenth he'd be in the nfl. talk about a crap attitude tho. geesh

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talks about brink and our draft picks

seem watson thinks 9th is round 1 but still lol.

Who has the crap attitude?

You posted his positives and his negatives. All I'm saying is that he has the same negatives as did Dinwiddie. Just my opinion, nothing about "attitude" here. . . from what I read, i think he'll be in tough to make the roster ahead of Pierce, Jyles, Santos, and DiMichele.

You're free to disagree if you so choose. We'll see after training camp.

I loved that article!

Pardon the cynic in me, but it seems that EVERY team, in EVERY sport, after a draft, always says that they are pleased with the players they drafted, and frequently they'll say they were surprised that player "x" was available in the position they drafted him.

For once, i'd like to see a team say "gee we really wanted player "y" but those darn X&&#4s drafted him two spots before we did so we had to settle for player "x" instead.

Never going to happen. . .

haha for some reason i get the feeling watson wasnt number 1 on their list. i think sisco was but the riders grabbed him in sort of a stupid move right b4 the bombers could. haha stupid move according to some rider fans lol. some arent too happy they took another RECEIVER.

Brink is the Cougars' career passing leader in touchdowns (76) and yards (10,913) and was a second-team All-Pac 10 pick in 2006. He is the third-leading passer in terms of yardage in Pac-10 history behind Carson Palmer and Derek Anderson. He joins a quarterback rotation that includes Matt Schaub, Sage Rosenfels, Quinn Gray and Shane Boyd.

"I was really excited," Brink said of getting the phone call from Texans management. "It's definitely a relief. I've certainly been waiting around all day waiting for something like this to happen. I'm just excited that I'm going to get a great opportunity with a great organization."

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak and general manager Rick Smith feel that Brink has all the tools to develop into a solid NFL quarterback. A few days ago, they discussed the possibility of picking Brink if the draft played out right.

"Rick and I had this converesation the other day and I said, 'If you're so fortunate to move back and we do pick up a couple of extra picks, if this young man sticks around 'til late in the draft, boy, this would be a great opportunity, a great try,'" Kubiak said. "I mean, he played in a great conference...This guy knows what it is to be chased by very good people. He'll get rid of the ball, so (with) all that stuff he's way ahead from that standpoint and he's very, very smart.

"I'd just like to try. (He's) a great young man, and i'm looking forward to working with him."

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Pretty high praise from the Texans, I can see now why Lapo & Mack are high on this guy.

very buck pierce ish if you ask me, maybe not the greatest arm but is a leader and that goes a long long way. dudes a winner just like pierce. id suspect we hide him for a year on IR or something.

mack has stated its always good to have plenty of qb depth and with buck pierce, u just dont know because of his injury issues in the past. Doesnt hurt to bring in a winner like this kid is.

''''I don't know about hiding him killer......the guy says he wants to of the reasons the shine is off the nfl with respect to him....I think Brink.......(hey i like that Think Brink :lol: ) is going to come in here gunning for more than just sitting on the pr/ir......He could be another Buck orrrrrrr tc fodder like MadJack says....I'm kinda leaning toward the 'he'll stick' scenario....IF he's as smart as Mack is saying.....i'll have to give it the ol 'we'll see, come tc' for now..:wink:

This aquisition suggests that Mack is not certain that what he has behind Pierce on the depth chart is good enough. He's right. Hopefully Brink works out for you.

not so sure i agree with this. i think its more to do with, mack saying that you can never have enough depth at the qb position. he's stated this alot recently. ALOT. i think it has more to do with depth than the uncertainity of who is behind pierce on the depth chart.

I kinda agree with twosie on this one.

A new regime likes to bring in their 'own guys', and they really don't have anything to rate Santos or DiMicheal on yet, so why not try to add to what you got ?

well the new regime did resign AD (dimichele) so i dunno.

but makes sense.

never hurts to have more depth.

maybe jyles is the odd man out. who knows. anythings possible

guess it couldnt hurt to have extra qb around incase buck gets hurt.

itl be interesting to see how this plays out. someone will most likely be cut early in tc... i like the competitive spirit of ad and santos... just an opinion but as of right now i predict that jyles or brink will be shown the door early... but who knows maybe one of them will also blow us away with good performance.. competition is good... i just hope ad or santos or brink dont get cut before at least getting a chance to shine at camp.. this is the most interestign group of qbs weve had in awhile.. lets see them on the field

i dont see anyone getting cut. i see them all sticking around one way or another. hide one or the IR (DIMICHELE even) and put one on the pr (brink) or vice versa unless 1 comes out and really craps the bed in camp.

CFL camps are short and its gonna be tough getting enough snaps for all 5 QBs in a couple of weeks of practice. And with only 2 preseason games to play there are limited snaps there. Brink will be playing catchup from the get go since he'll be the only one who hasn't been on an CFL field before. I would imagine that he would probably get a quarter in the first game to try get some time in the 2nd game. My guess is if he struggles in the first preseason game its off to the PR/IR for a year of learning. BTW, anyone know if the WBB will be keeping the blue/gold game this year? Has that been announced? Would be a good idea, a bit of an unofficial preseason game to give the newcomers more opportunity to pick up the game.

....yes it is a problem getting all of our qbs. work....IF Brink would have been available earlier he would have got a shot at the mini-camps...but obviously that couldn't happen until after the draft...I don't know how the league can work more pre-season assessments into play....It;s really unfair to expect players to come in early (especially if they have other jobs) and show their stuff to a prospective team....If there was money involved it would have to be included in the cflpa contract...soooooo the whole idea gets washed out....More preseason games added to an already looooong schedule is a lot to ask...I don't know what the answer is????It's a problematic situation with no easy solution :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

...I thought that Lapo said he did not want to go to camp with more than 4 qbs.... aaaaand we were not interested in Buck...I guess Mack had a talk with him and that line of thinking by our new coach got derailed....It looks to me that we really have a take-charge guy in Big Mack... and give credit to LaPolice for taking a second look....and that's a good thing.. :wink:I believe we have a solid team guys... :rockin:

Brink, just like the other QBs, will be at the rookie camp as well as the main camp so that gives a little more time for him to learn as well.