Bombers sign veteran DL Jake Thomas to extension

WINNIPEG – The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Wednesday that the club has signed veteran Canadian defensive tackle Jake Thomas to a one-year contract extension. Thomas was scheduled to become a free agent on February 14.

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Nice to see Jake Thomas coming back. Very steady and reliable in the middle. He’s carved out a pretty good career as a 4th round pick.

Guess they are working their way down the line. Casey Sayles should be next followed by Jackson Jeffcoat and Keion Adams.


Yup. Bombers FA list is down to 21, not expecting all to remain Bombers, some will choose the NFL, some will move on to another team, some just may not make the cut as the Bombers have signed many new players.
This year's FA is less stressful over 2022.


Another good signing. Young DL like Cameron Lawson and Cole Adamson can learn from the longest serving Blue Bomber.


Cole looks like a beast. Great numbers with the Bison's


I’m thinking Lawson will lead the rotation and see the field a lot more next year. Some other younger players will be worked in too like Lawson was this year.

The signing of Thomas stabilizes things and doesn’t put the added pressure on a young player by putting them in a full time role that they may not be 100% ready for.


Yup, great depth signing as a mentor to the 2 Nat up & comers :+1: