Bombers sign three including National LB Robbie Lowes

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed two American players in kicker Marc Orozco and offensive lineman Chris Ivy, and National linebacker Robbie Lowes, the team announced on Wednesday.

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We are up to our armpits in kickers going into training camp this year.

Geez… missing one easy last second field goal that cost the Bombers a regular season victory that COULD’VE allowed the us to rest Zach Collaros early… THEN whiffing on another easy field goal that could’ve sealed it for us in the Grey Cup… AND look what happens.


Loading up in these positions is all good.

Marc vs Marc for the kicking job. Marc Orozco has better numbers, although from a few years ago (he may be a bit rusty, but hey) and his teammates nicknamed him “Money”. Where have I heard that before…if he was left footed would he be a shoe-in for the job. :wink:

Chris Ivy has average size for an interior lineman. It is never a bad thing to load up on hoggies and maybe hoagies too…add a little more food to the buffet, please. :poultry_leg: :hamburger: :bacon:. Protein, carbs, and well, who doesn’t like bacon.

As for Robbie Lowes…adding a National LB is a good thing also. I don’t know what his injury was in the 2022 training camp leading to his release, but the Bombers have not had great luck in training camps or early into the season with LB injuries. Let’s hope he is all healed up and good to go. :crossed_fingers: