Bombers sign seven American players

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Tuesday they have signed seven American players – receivers Keric Wheatfall, Braxton Burmeister, Peter Afful and Oliver Martin, kicker Jose Borregales, linebacker/defensive back Marcus Hillman and defensive end Ali Fayad.

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For the Bombers and the CFL, it certainly is comforting in this winter to see how the successful kidnapping of Chris Streveler for a proper return to Canada is already paying dividends.

By all means, find the best players and carry on, CFL.


Im 99% sure Jose Borregales is being listed incorrectly as American.

He was born in Venezuela. He should be listed as a Global player no?


Yes. At least I think so.

Between now and training camp we’ll find out for sure though. If he’s a Global he could be gold… Blue and Gold that is. :beaver:

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Sergio is going to be a FA come February and will probably be looking for a good hunk of cash considering he has had some good seasons back-to-back now.

Further, it seems like Castillo is moving further and further into Coaching and Photography. At 33 years of age, maybe he’s interested in retiring this year to pursue other career choices.

It might not be crazy for the Bombers to role with Borregales and maybe a young guy coming out of the USPORTs scene.

Nick Novak had a number of them invited to his CFL Specialist Showcase and those results should be coming out in the next few days.

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I thought to be considered a Global, a player had to have told the the CFL he wanted that designation. Then, the CFL would make them Global Draft eligible. If all the teams passed on him, he could then sign anywhere as a free agent. Was Borregales ever Global Draft eligible? To my knowledge, the answer is no. Just being born outside of US or Canada does not automatically give you the status of Global in the CFL.

We know that once a player is considered an American, that can never change.

So the question in my mind is this: does Borregales hold dual citizenship and is an American citizen as well? If so, there is nothing more to discuss regarding this issue. He should be an American in the CFL.

However if Borregales has only Venezuelan citizenship & never applied to be in the Global draft but could have been eligible this year if he applied, then we might have an ethical issue here. Borregales would have a much better chance making a CFL roster if were a Global. But if he were in the Global Draft, there is a good chance that the team he just signed with (Winnipeg) would not necessarily be the team who drafted him.


Decent haul (by numbers) as Bombers are stocking up for 2024, trying desperately to continue their 5 season Grey Cup romp.

Jose could be valuable in 2 ways. If Sergio departs, then Jose has a clear path to FG kicker - has to be at least an 80 to 82% guy, near-automatic (94%) from 45 yds in.

Bombers could also put him over to their CSL (Canadian Soccer League) team, Valour FC if Sergio comes back. Wonder what kind of soccer experience Jose has? South America is a massive soccer region.


The movement out of the merged league down south is in full swing. There’s been some big signings by a # of teams - McBeth being the biggest name so far. It’ll be interesting to see how many of them stay I have an impact on the league.


The last time I checked with regard to all the rules on designation for some players such as this example, the rules are rather complicated.

Also the determination of the designation is not the same as merely one’s citizenship, for there are many Canadians and others who are resident in Canada and in the United States with dual citizenship.


I been chatting with Jose during all of this and it looks like @okie is right. He holds an American citizenship despite being born in Venezuela.

Thanks for the info! I had a really tough time finding anything online regarding the issue.


The BIG GET is still Dalton “Roadhouse” Schoen . . . .

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For those players who are dual nationals, no matter where they live,
I’m not sure if the following is how the rules work out in general for the determination of the designation,
or if the rules are indeed as complex as the last time I checked them years ago when we had only “Imports” and “Non-Imports”?

Dual national USA and any other country but Canada = American Designation

Dual national Canada and any other country but USA = Canadian

Dual national Canada and USA, raised in Canada = Canadian

Dual national USA and Canada, raised in USA = American

Dual national neither USA or Canada = Global

If anybody has any more insight, please do advise.

Anyway —back to the signings. Looks like speculation about Winnipeg following the GC is playing out. Winnipeg looking to sign some talent at rookie prices to hang on to what veterans they can.

Looking through their FA list - I am guessing there may be a few that take the hometown discount to stay on in Winnipeg. But the list of high price help yet to be signed is daunting to say the least.


It is but they are in a different position this year. Walters has basically said that he has to wait for his top guys to decide first, read Oliveira and Schoen. Schoen is probably as good as gone with what he is reportedly asking for and certainly will be gone if Oliveira stays.


I have no idea what the rules are but I don’t think they are quite as you have set out regarding dual US/Canadian citizenship. I say this because of the article below on the Bombers recently signing Drew Wolitarsky.

Drew has that dual citizenship, presumably because his mother was born in Montreal. He was born in California and finished his US college career in Minnesota, famously as Mr. Fur Coat’s roommate. As far as I am aware he was raised in the US, but yet is considered a Canadian. That means that where a player was raised isn’t a definitive criteria.

If someone else knows more that would be great.


Which was my point, No matter who stays or goes they need to sign a bunch of guys on rookie contracts to offset what the big guns are making.

Best guess is as long as he doesn’t ask for stupid money Olivera is the one who stays.


Based on his last 2 yrs Brady O - deserves a base salary no less than $190,000 w/ bonuses for rushing yds, receiving yds, grading, total yards, games played, all-star, etc. With a year similar to last year the bonuses could jack his pay packet to near $300k