Bombers Sign & Release

We have signed QB Russ Michna & Released LB Donny Green from the practice roster.

Winnipeg Sun

Expect quarterback Russ Michna to be back in Blue and Gold soon, possibly as early as today.

Backup pivot Mike Quinn is out for at least a couple weeks with sternum and shoulder injuries and Bombers GM Brendan Taman said yesterday that Michna will likely rejoin the team.

Michna spent last season as Winnipeg's backup, but he was cut during training camp in June in favour of third-stringer Brad Banks.

hm, I thought we needed LB, why did we cut this guy? not good? truing to get Hebret a position?

Our Linebackers are fine. With Hebert on the team that would put Ocks back to LB or could be Hebert at linebacker who knows. And now McKinlay is healthy. Plus we also have Tuipala on the practice roster who in my opinion had looked better than Green.

Shockmain and LaPostelle are history…could we be making room for someone…

....why have i got this niggling feeling that there could be a big trade in the works....certainly nothing with the BigBlue....but some teams are in need of a shake-up....just a hunch??????...too bad about Martin Lapostelle...he was a good hitter.....Davis dosen't surprise me.....we have McCord sitting....and he wasn't any big improvement over what we already have... :wink:

Making room for NFL cuts...

Papa; would you care to expand on that feeling of yours? Do you think they signed Michna to protect him?

…hmmmmm are you suggesting Russ could be trade-bait…who knows in this league…i don’t think the Bombers are going to make any moves right now…Michna is only here because of the injury to Quinn…if he gets moved it will be a surprise to me…i believe there might be some action with the clubs in the west though …especially after this weekend if nothing changes for a couple of them…just a hunch :roll:

Maybe they would trade Russ once Quinn is healthy again??? How long is Quinn expected to be out for???

I think Hamilton realeased Craig Yeast, but considering how good the bombers Recieving is doing this year, i doubt we'll sign him. Unless it was for the special teams reason, cuz AJ3 isnt doing anything back there.

Hope the bombers do sign Craig Yeast. This guy has attitude you would not believe and is sure to be a cancer no matter where he plays. Sure he can catch and occassionally return the football on a punt. He misplays a lot of punts and often complains about throws from the QB. JUST REMEMBER IF YOU SIGN HIM CANCER SPREADS

Berry said last Monday they have 0 interest in the Yeast.....infection he is.