Bombers sign receiver D.J. Hall

Yeah Papa is mayor and Sanjay is President.
Technicaly the whole forum belongs to the Ticats, its just a red and black skin and cfl paint job on top of Bob Young's MRX served

Have you studied this kids stats, seen any highlights of him? We have reason to be excited, this kid will surprise many in the CFL in 2010, he is big, he is fast and he has great hands, we alway's find great reciever's from down south unlike other teams :roll:

Take a peak at his youtube video and tell me you wouldn't want this kid

He definately does look pretty good... but ill wait untill TC to see him in person before i get to excited

As for the reciever comment Piggy, we could very well have a good group here... a young one but good one... Just wait untill TC before forming an opinion that they arnt good enough...

Jabari Arthur and Hargraves could be a solid combo for the possession slot spot... and Titus will likely be back and Bowman is only getting better, combine with Terrence Edwards has the potential to be pretty solid.... Just wait for it to all unfold.

My only Grievance is that we cant have a young Developing recieving corps, while trying to Groom a young QB... I thought we should have gone after another reliable VET.

instead of trading Gavin to Montreal for a PR player who proably wont make the team, We should have dealt him and Charlton to Edmonton for a good Reciever