Bombers sign receiver D.J. Hall

CFL twitter is reporting that the Bombers have signed receiver D.J. Hall. MOAB at the Extra Point posted these links about him:

Good exciting signing...big receiver with good hands from a big football school...A Joe Mack special delivery?

....HE SURE IS A BIG KID.......with some speed....probably one of many being unearthed south of the border, as we speak, by Big Mack :wink: :thup:

Things are starting to look up... :smiley:

u know.. mack has said he wants to bring in about 6 more receivers, this is 1 of 5 more to come.

very good first signing of many by mr mack.

sure hamilton and toronto are signing cfl free agents but really... we didnt need db's, sure we could have grabbed a parker or something but we dont really need the help there. we need receiver help, we need qb help, we need offensive help. regardless i think our oline is pretty good. 1 more year together cant hurt either. least amount of sacks in the league, yeah a guard opposite labatte and a canadian tackle would be great... but who knows maybe we draft an ncaa tackle in the draft?

our defense was pretty good for how long they were on the field last season, we need offensive players and im sure this is just 1 of many more exciting moves id say by mack and company.

Looks like a good kid, but we all know how frequently American players with gaudy resumes come up here and bomb, or else have one season of success before tanking. I'll reserve judgment until I see him play a full season. That's assuming he makes it through training camp.

Could be a good one, has the tool kit, but raw like most rookies.

dont mean to be a negatron, but didnt this stand out to anybody?

"Yet, even if there is a $100 bill in the middle of the field with his name on it, he will not be found in that area. Hall needs to gain overall strength or show better aggression in beating the press. He looks like Tarzan, but plays like Jane and is not to be relied upon in the clutch. His vertical speed is what impresses scouts most."

lol...I guess I was blinded by this...

Reliable receiver with consistent hands. Quick off the line, displays above-average route-running skills, and comes back to the ball out of breaks. Shows terrific focus and concentration. Adjusts to catch the errant throw and effectively makes body-catches when necessary. Uses his frame to protect the pass. Extends and grabs the ball from the air and shows good eye/hand coordination. Makes the reception in stride and secures the difficult catch downfield in a crowd.

I guess we'll have to wait and see...

A young, import WR with potential. I think they get shipped up here by the case every June......

Apparently not. According to Colin @ ourbombers, both Hall and Marc were neg listed by the database.

Well...I'll take 'em however we get 'em...


.....well if that ain't a find by our new gm.....then i guess we should expect a crowded tc.....cuz Mack sure won't be no slouch finding talent, especially with his connections.. :wink:

Things are certainly looking up for the Bombers, D.J Hall is fast, great hands and is a big body, everything you want in a reciever. Another great move by Mack, more to come.

You all sure get excited over training camp fodder......

I take it you haven’t seen our receiving corps lately ?

Anyone is looking good about now.


your team is who? the riders? ticats? someone not named the bombers? u guys have nothing better to do than come into the bomber portion of and talk crap? whats up? not enough ppl in the hammer give a crap? lol talking about ppl here getting excited over a prospect, LOL man on the ticat forum there is a topic that is quite frankly verbal masturbation about a neg list kick returner u got from sask.. like seriously. Pot meet kettle.

I'm no tabbie fan, so relax.

And, papazoola has decreed that I have safe passage here.

Artie's pretty good... most of the time. :wink: Since I've been here I can't remember any trolling by him so I would agree with papa on this one.