Bombers sign Quinn

PENCIL HIM IN: The club isn't announcing it yet, but sources say the Bombers have already signed QB Mike Quinn (6-foot-4, 216; Stephen F. Austin University). Quinn turns 32 in April has spent time in the NFL with Pittsburgh, Dallas, Miami and Denver before attending camp with the Als last year. That's where he drew rave reviews from current Bombers head coach Doug Berry, but opted to leave the team rather than stay on the practice roster. The Bombers believe he could come in and push Russ Michna and Tee Martin for the No. 2 spot behind Kevin Glenn.

According to the above by Ed Tait, Quinn is our new man.

screw that!

make him no.1

Come on now BBfan. The guy is 32, never played in the CFL, our saviour right now....I'm not sold on it...... With Glenn, and Michna, we will be surprisingly good.... Now Jeff Garcia, Doug Flutie, guys with CFL experience, then I would be getting excited. They would have a chance at stealing the #1 spot. WIth Berry's scheme, Charlie Roberts, our receiving corps, and a defence that won't give up 50 a game, how much will we need from KG??? He's young, and our offencive scheme was waaaay to transparent last year. When he was with SK he killed us, I witnessed it live. I expect big things from Glenn and the Big Blue this year.

GO BIG BLUE...... :lol:

maybe i critizie glenn to much

well, he will probably be another tee martain (if he never played in the CFL before)

Veteran NFL QB Eyes Starting Nod in CFL
March 20, 2006 -- We are happy to announce that NFL veteran quarterback, Mike Quinn has agreed to terms with the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers. The 6'4"/220 lb. Quinn agreed to a 3 year contract and will compete in training camp for the starting signal-caller job.
Originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Pittsburgh Steelers out of Stephen F. Austin University, Quinn is known in NFL circles for his big arm, cool demeanor and his intelligence - all things which allowed him to compete year in and year out and win jobs in the NFL as a back up quarterback.

Mike's NFL playing career has included the following stops:

Steelers, 2004
Broncos, 2004
Texans, 2002-2003
Dolphins, 2000-2001
Cowboys, 1998-2000
Steelers, 1997-1998

In his last NFL training camp action, as a member of the Denver Broncos in 2004, Mike led the Broncos on a 6 minute, 13 play drive culminating in a 2 yard TD pass in the closing minutes of the 2004 Hall of Fame game vs. the Redskins. He then rifled a 2 point conversion in tight coverage to tie the game at 17- 17. That's "classic Quinn" and that's a glimpse of what Bombers fans have in store with Mike at the helm.

Mike is looking forward to taking that experience and applying it on the field as the starting quarterback for the Bombers in their quest for a Grey Cup Championship.

Finally official........sounds like he is going to push Glenn for the #1 job........that would be nice............

that would be nice, but if he doesnt have any cfl experiance he could be another tee martin. so it sounds like at firts he may be a little shaky, but Glenn actually is good, and hes young, he's got tons of potential and with Doug Berry i think he will unlock it and could be a 5000 yrd qb, with our recieving corp and our offensive line(which allowed the third fewest sacks last season) plus roberts to pass to out of the back field it may be possible. if u read up on Doug Berry or have already, he could definately do it for Kevin!

agree james.........berry loved quinn when he was in the Als camp last season so I think he knows that he can lite a fire under glenns butt to get him performing at his best........

sounds awsome!

....I've seen the question asked...if Quinn couldn't knock Ted White out of the back-up'd have to wonder bout that....Personally ...I don't know what was going on in the AL'S camp last year...all I know is Quinn didn't stick around....Berry is high on the guy.....and if we've signed him till the end of his career....SOMEONE...must have seen something good...looking at his record ...I think he could push for the no 2 spot this year till he gets to know the CFL.....then who knows.... :roll:

yeah i was asking myself that to, but Berry is obviously a great QB coach and knows what hes doing so if he sees Good in Quinn then he must be a good player

how much experience on the field has this guy had?

montreals training camp and nfl.

and he was good? I don't know, KJ has the experience, does this guy have that?

i dont know but theyve moved past KJ, i think they should make KJ and offer, let him work his way up. if uve seen my other postings on that then i believe u already know what im talking about. but as for the no experiance, how does one get it if not given a chance. i think were fine with Kevin anywase, if u read my offence post ull see what i mean, and michna's not bad also, i can gaurentee u quinn is better then tee martin because of what hes done in the nfl, so it cant hurt to have him as third, once training camp gets here, we'll get to see, and the coaches have more football experiance then us so they'll give us the best they can.

The background on this "Quinn" signing is very similar to Spergon Wynn's history.......Hmmm Taman may have stumbled onto something here! If anything, he should be a big improvement over Tee Martin.....

you gotta have 4 qbs at tc.........even if he just lites a fire under the others, it would be worth it, but something tells me by signing for 2 and an option, gee do you think Taman realizes the one & option isnt the way to go, Bell, Bobo, Glenn for that matter, all wanted to renegotiate in the option year......that he may be sticking around awhile.

...more like Berry has seen something in Quinn and told Taman to sign him...I like that a gm. who isn't afraid to actually listen to his head coach....and thats enough braggin on the gm.....I think Martins days are numbered...unless he can show a big improvement at t.c... but then again....someone said he may not show up this year,,,,maybe a good idea... :wink:

From what I've read if you bring this guy along, he may be your "Future".

Martin, I beleive is done with you guys. Michna is ahead of him from what I saw last year!

quin could be a pleasant surprise at tc no doubt, but really people do not give glenn enough credit, he has all the tools to be a good qb in this league he just needs to work with some people who can help him along and berry appears to be one of the best at that.......