Bombers Sign Pierce.

The former basket case nobody in WPG would touch with a ten foot pole is now the saviour du jour. A royal flip flop by LaPolice.

If they, like Wally expect this guy to start the entire season they're outta their mind's.However, it would be nice to see him turn his career around.Just hopefully not at the expense of his long term health.Hopefully he's taking that into careful consideration.There's alway's life after football, don't throw that away for 1-2 more year's of playing time.

Some comments from Winnipeg fans from the TSN site make a fun read. I like the final comment best. :slight_smile:

---This is great news for Bomber fans. Pierce has all the tools and experience. We are instant contenders for the cup now. Puts us ahead of Hamilton

---Great news Blue! This single signing is now worth buying seasons tickets! I've always been a huge fan of Pierce's 'Matt Dunigan-like' style of play. For the first time that I can remember, the Bombers have 3 VERY capable Quarterbacks in the loop. Now that last seasons ancient offencive game-plan is gone, I would have zero concerns about LeFors or Jyles taking snaps either. Great move, Bombers. Now let's rock O-Ten!

---Hope he didn't hurt himself signing the contract.

Good news for the Bombers if Buck Pierce can stay healthy, the problem in the pat has been his ability to remain healthy with so many injuries and a concussion or two which has taken it's toll on many QB's in this league, hopefully for Winnipeg Buck Pierce will stay healthy and compete for the starters job with Steven Jyles.


Nope. Word has it he came out of that unscathed. As a precaution however, they made him sign it with his non throwing shoulder.

IF he can stay healthy, he should make the Bombers a very good team!

This signing most likely ends the tenure of Stephan LeFors in a Blue-Bomber uniform.

Pierce doesnt make a questionable O-line, depleted receiving corps. and a gutted secondary any better.

It's okay. I predict an injury free season for Pierce because he will barely be on the field, thanks to Kavis Reed's defensive prowess.

LaPolice is a genius.

Good luck to him and hopefully he can stay concussion free. The bummers need to return to respectability especially if the Jets fly home.

Happy for Pierce that he landed on another team; having said that, my main concern if I were a Bomber fan is making sure that Oline is solid.

There’s no “flip flop” whatsoever.

Plan the Parade route..... might as well write the 2010 season off and hand the Bummers the GC.... oh well what cold have been for Cat fans!! I really thought we had a chance this season, but with the BB signing Pierce.... we don't stand a snowball's chance in..... well you know where! [/sarcasm]

Not only flip flopping by Lapo... but their fans as well... when Lapo came out after Bucky was released saying they had no interest in him, fans over there were praising Lapo for not taking on a deadbeat QB who should retire from football for his and his family's sake.....but NOW.... well according to those very fans... the Bummers just assured themselves of 2nd place in the East, and if AC suffers a cold... well it's 1st place and a GC birth!!

:roll: :roll:

I hope he dose well! And hope he stays healthy! Great QB!

Pierce stays healthy, and that's a huge if, one of the best qb's in the league no question.

He'll win them a few games and then get injured.

the reason for the "flip flopping" was because NONE OF US knew anything about how serious or non serious his injuries were... to think you know more than dr's and trainers and the sorts who have evaluated him (even the dr's and trainers in wpg evaluated him today) shows ridiculous ignorance on peoples parts.

the moral of this story here is "dont beleive everything the media tells you". mack did his due dilligence, lapo was just on hustler and lawless ( a call in show) and said that he shouldnt have said bombers had no interest in pierce earlier because he was just going on what he heard through the media but said that they brought him in for a workout, got him tested by multiple doctors and were told that he is no more at risk than anyone else who plays football.

why are bomber fans delushional for being optimistic about the upcoming season? yet u guys seem to think ur team is like the beats of the east. i dont get it. whatever tho. 2 pages about pierce atleast on everyones site here on means well if nothing else, PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT IT and why? because my guess is most of you eventho u refuse to admit it... REALIZE THE BOMBERS JUST GOT BETTER TODAY.

Nice spin.

But reality is LaPolice either came to realization Lefors/Jyles weren't going to lead them anywhere or the BoD made up his mind for him.

With dwindling ticket sales and a rotten PR image the Bomber brass also realized they need a brand name to market an otherwise dismal outlook.

IMO Pierce was a panic move foisted on the Bombers by non-football minds which I sincerely doubt that LaPolice is comfortable with.

Good news for the Cats. Pierce won't last 8 games before getting hurt and unless they go unbeaten before he does the Bombers are pooched