Bombers Sign Pacman Jones

Pacman agrees to play in Canada Story By Jim Trotter,

Last season in Dallas, Adam 'Pacman' Jones was suspended for four games following an altercation with a team-employed bodyguard.

If controversial cornerback Adam "Pacman" Jones is going to return to the NFL, it will be via the Canadian Football League. Jones agreed in principle to a one-year deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers late Monday night and is expected to join the team as early as Wednesday.

"It'll be a good experience for me to get back in game shape and compete and play football, which I like to do," Jones told "I'm real happy for the opportunity that's been given to me. Of course it's disappointing to me to not be playing in the NFL. But things happen and you have to adjust. "

The issue with Jones, who turns 26 on Sept. 30, has never been physical skills; it has been off-the-field incidents. He was suspended for the 2007 season for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy, and last year after being traded from Tennessee to Dallas he was suspended for four games following an altercation with a team-employed bodyguard.

Several NFL general managers said in the last week that Jones has the skill set to be a productive player, but one added: "He's already got 2 1/2 strikes against him, so he's just not worth the time."

John Murphy, the Blue Bombers' director of player personnel, understands that sentiment. But he says none of the NFL coaches or personnel people he has spoken with the last two weeks has called Jones a bad teammate or malingerer, and Jones has not had any run-ins with the law since 2007.

"If I was in the same position in the NFL I might have a lot more reservations," Murphy said. "But for me it's a win-win. I'm smart enough to know that if I'm looking for somebody who can be a playmaker for the second half of our season, there isn't a better football player who's not in the NFL, at 25 years old, who's ready to play football, is going to play with a chip on his shoulder, and is going to bring some fun and excitement to our team, our locker room, our city, and our league.

"And at the same time it's a business decision as well as football decision. From a marketing standpoint, a business standpoint and a football standpoint, I could go to 100 NFL training camps and every preseason game and more people will hear and know about the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the next two weeks -- from the coverage we'll receive -- than in the last 10 years."

Financial terms were not immediately available, but they were good enough for Jones to pass up a contract offer from the fledgling United Football League. The deal with the Blue Bombers came together over the last two weeks, according to Jones' representatives, Jason Fletcher and Warrick Robinson. Fletcher said money was only one factor in the decision to sign with Winnipeg. Others included opportunities to play in 10 games versus six in the UFL, to be in an established league versus one that is just starting up, and to play offense and special teams as well as defense.

Another key factor: The CFL could offer him quicker return to the NFL.

UFL players are prohibited from jumping to the NFL prior to Dec. 1, but CFL players can depart earlier if granted a release from their contract. Murphy said Jones has led him to believe that he wants to play the remainder of the season, which ends Nov. 8 (Nov. 29 for the playoffs). But he added: "Nothing is written in stone."

Jones struggled at times last season after returning from the one-year suspension, but says he has dropped 8-10 pounds and is back to his playing weight from 2006, when he played at an elite level in his second season with the Titans. He has been working out in his hometown of Atlanta in preparation of an eventual signing with an NFL club -- if not now, then later in the year.

"All of the NFL teams I'm talking to told me they will be monitoring his progress every week, in games and in practice," Fletcher says. "They said once he shows that the physical ability has not eroded, and once he shows that he can keep clean, he'll get another shot, without a doubt."

For now, that shot will begin with the CFL.

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hahhahhahaa. That's the database ! Too funny. Now I got to go change my shirt LOL!

Hmmmm! Looks like this true,it's making it around the net now,but nothing locally this guy really any good?I have no idea who these NFL guys are...and if he is good,did the BB just blow up the cap for the season,the team looked like it was in trouble already in that regard.Im thinking if he plays good the BB will release him to go to the NFL before the season end's.

This is hilarious. Last time I saw Pacman he looked like he had his head in a bucket of fried chicken for a couple months and you got to wonder where the money is coming from. I mean this is a team that cut 60k from their QB to stay within the SMS...

Again this has nothing to do with football, just to change topics. Pacman Jones isn't fast enough anymore to be return guy in the CFL.

How exactly are the Bombers affording this under the cap? Methinks LeFors is (even more) unhappy.

Supposed to be in Winnipeg tomorrow, guess we'll see if he gets off the plane.

No denying the guys talents, especially if he is motivated to get another shot at the NFL.

Expect the axe to fall on someone.

What about the new rule in the CFL that players under suspension in NFL are off limits. That`s what the Commish said after Argos signed Ricky Williams. I guess it went no further than just talking about it? Commish assured that signings like that would not take place anymore???

Jones is no longer suspended by the NFL. The Cowboys cut him and nobody else wanted to pick him up. So legally he's fair game for the Bombers.

If he can improve their return game, more power to him. But this isn't the NFL. No fair catch or touchbacks. I don't know if he has what it takes to be an effective kick returner in the CFL, but he certainly can't be worse than the players Winnipeg has already tried.

If he blows up on or off the field, he gets cut. He is only 26 and has lost weight. The Bombers don't have nothing to lose. The guy will be awesome returning kicks. It will sell tickets, hope he plays in Regina, but doubt it. The Bombers may be bringing in Charles Rodgers as well.

Well, now at least this means that Kelly's the second-craziest guy in Winnipeg.

On an unrelated topic, strip club owners in the 'Peg have been lining up outside BWM dealerships with giant smiles on their faces.

Being serious, if...IF he's in game shape, he could be a good player. He was decent in Dallas last year, and I don't care what, if you can play corner in The Show, you can play it in the CFL. He was only so-so as a punt returner though, and it'll take 2-3 weeks before he'll have the wind to play every down at corner, return kicks and chip in on offence (as it sounds like they want him to).

My biggest worries have nothing to do with off-field stuff, it would be two things - one, he comes up, they throw him into the lineup too early, and he pulls a groin or hamstring and he deals with a lingering injury all season and isn't really effective. That is very common for players coming in mid-season.

The second is that if he plays well, he's back to the NFL. The article made no bones about his intentions. So what you've done is rented a player basically, at the expense of another starter, meaning you could actually be worse off a year from now. Maybe you're better focusing your efforts and money on players that could be here for a longer period of time.....I don't know.

But if he comes Wednesday, maybe they drag him along to Regina Sunday. I'm sure the East side fans would welcome the opportunity to speak to him.....

It certainly has "marketing" overtones to it, doesn't it? And one has to wonder what couch cushion Bauer found the loose change under to sign him. Given their self-admitted cap problems, the fact that they outbid the UFL for him seems a trifle curious.

As for Charles Rogers...yikes! The last time he was up here he was closer to 300 pounds than 200, and showed about as much interest as a mechanic at an opera.

I'm of the nothing ventured nothing gained school on this reported signing.

Kudos to the Bombers for trying to address a need. . . a decent kick returner. Several teams this year have had problems in this area. . . Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Toronto, and Hamilton. Nice to see that Saskatchewan (Armstead) and Winnipeg are trying to address the problem.

If he works out great, if not, nothing lost really.

Just a bit odd though in one sense. . . Kelly let Ramonce Taylor go over 'character' issues. . . is Jones any better as a model citizen?

based on what? the fact that a professional football team thinks he is?

gotta agree with MadJack though, the first thing I thought of when I heard this was, how is Pacman any better than Ramonce Taylor?

....WOW.....just got back from doing a little paper-work.....OB sports in town is confirming the signing and Pacman could dress as soon as the Bombers next game or certainly the one after....that according to Bob Irving a very respected Bomber play by play guy in the Peg....I have to agree with someone who posted this is the CFL return game and not nfl...could make a huge difference...You can't call for any fair/softies up here...Maybe when the Pac gets a load of what is thundering in his direction he could be heading in another....HOWEVER if he has the type of game left in him from awhile back, this could prove to be the answer the Bombers had for a return man...he also plays cb i believe....The curiosity wagon is filling-up quick... :wink: :roll: :lol: :lol:

...BigBlue are also close to signing a top -notch nfl receiver by the name of Rogers......this one is unconfirmed...BUT if it is who i think it is....the receiving corps of the Bombers 'could' get very deep... :roll:

Batman, Two-Face is in Winnpeg!

Kelly on Armstead: cut him, he pulled a gun on his wife

Kelly on Pacman: sign him, even though he makes Armstead look like a choir boy

Desperate times...(you know the rest).

...don't recall Pacman pulling a gun on anyone....but hey....if you think his misdemeanors rank up there with Armsteads...i won't argue....I think you could be a little on the worried/jealous side though and that could explain your take :lol:

Carlos Rogers? didn't he sign with Mtl a season or 2 ago and never showed for training camp? Seems a better fit for Toronto where NFL busts go to die for good.

Pacman Jones? Can we use him as a triple threat on the field? Kick returner, CB, and WR? Frankly this bothers me as a fan in several ways, character issues notwithstanding. The blue D has been one of the 2 brightspots on the season (Serna and lately Renaud, as well as Reid have been the others). Why monkey with the D when our offence needs attention still. Money would be better spent on a good offensive coordinator. This could make a good D even better, but depending on his attitude and adjustment to the CFL game could also hurt it. This makes the team look like hippocrates considering their statements early in the season regarding Ramonce Taylor and I think even Joe Smith IIRC. And as far as him being a marketing tool, who are u marketing to? This is going to entice people to buy tickets to bring their kids to a game?

...the way i see it... 1.)this guy will sell tix.... 2)we needed a returner....we brought a good one in....granted with baggage...but...if he works out...instant field position...Has the leopard changed his spots...We'll only find that out if you give the guy a chance....Kelly and co. are willing to do that....Could prove to be the signing of the year.... orrrrr....we'll see.. :roll:

Yeah just a little msdemeanors.... Maybe if he bashes your daughter's head on a bar or in an elevator door or spits in your face, you will sober up. Maybe we'll all be lucky and he'll take out his rage on Kelly :stuck_out_tongue:

This is just since joining the NFL

July 13, 2005- Arrested and charged with assault and felony vandalism after a nightclub altercation. This began Pacman Jones NFL rap sheet. He already had a lengthy one from high school and college.

September 5, 2005- Adam was invited to attend the Nashville Sports Council Kickoff Luncheon. Jones went off on a verbal tirade while being told to wait for his car after the event. He then refused to tip the valet service.

October 2005- State of West Virginia filed a petition stating that Jones had not been contacting his probation officer and that he had not reported his July 2005 arrest. The judge extended the probation for just 90 days.

March 23, 2006- Charged with marijuana possession in Fayetteville, Georgia. He went on to claim that he knew how to beat the NFL’s drug test.

August 25, 2006- Arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication after being ordered by the cops to leave a Murfreesboro night club several times. Jones claimed a woman stole his wallet. The woman claimed that Jones spat on her. The judge in the case gave Pacman six months probation and told him to stay away from the club.

October 26, 2006- Jones was issued a citation for misdemeanor assault after a female student from Tennessee State University claimed that Jones spit in her face at a Nashville night club.

Feburary 19, 2007- The facts are disputed and no charges have been made yet, but Jones was in the middle of a fight and shooting at a strip club in Las Vegas that left one man paralyzed and two more wounded. The fight broke out after Jones showered strippers on stage with $81,000 dollars. The club owner claims Jones was beating a strippers head against the bar while claiming to kill one of the club’s employees.

January 3, 2008- Pacman is accused of punching Wanda S. Jackson in the face at an Atlanta strip club called the Body Tap Strip Club. Jackson says Jones reached over the counter and sucker punched her in her left eye.

October 8, 2008- Jones got into an alcohol related incident which turned into a physical confrontation with bodyguards that had been assigned to him by the Dallas Cowboys. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has suspended Jones indefinitely for the second time in his NFL career.

The above time line doesn’t include his sentence of one year in prison for a bar fight in Morgantown, West Virginia while in college. The sentence was later suspended in exchange for two years of probation (because he is a really good football player).

Here is a look at the options the Tennessee Titans have if they decide to cut Pacman Jones. He doesn’t only need to be cut, but Jones needs to serve some time. He has been given preferential treatment his entire life because he is good at playing football.

This is probably the only western country he would be allowed in.