Bombers sign OL Jermarcus Hardrick to one-year extension

Good spin to distract from the reality. We'll see what happens.

Please tell me how WPG has no depth on either line, when that has been their strength for years, and arguably the best in the league.
Your jealousy is strong.


Jesse Briggs. He was exceptional this year when he had to step in. Could probably start on any other team.

While Winnipeg wasn’t as hard hit at once as Saskatchewan by injuries, and I take no pleasure in injuries hurting either friend or foe, they were hit hard on defense all year. I detailed in a post a few months ago how they only had 6 or 7 starters available for most of the first half of the year and never had 12, because they lost Maston for the year in training camp. Despite this they had the best defence the CFL has seen in 50 years. No depth? Where do you get your information?

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Do you work for the Bombers?

No, just stating facts. Is there an anti Bomber cabal that pays you to post criticism and doubts about the Bombers? Not that anyone takes those seriously, considering the status quo. Some others have suggested jealousy, but I confess I don’t know your motivation. And who doesn’t support their team?


Personally I enjoy how people who support other teams, spend their day, their week, their every moment, thinking about the Bombers and how to mock everything Bombers. Yes, what a great compliment. No one wasting any time criticizing Ottawa or BC.

Saskatchewan and Hamilton would likely be next in line to secure the Grey Cup in 2022 if Winnipeg fails to 3peat Calgary would fall (in no particular order) under Toronto Edmonton and Montreal. All the while pretended they're not rebuilding, just plugging gaping holes.


Yes good points. I suppose we should look at it as a compliment and a sign of fear that so many fans of other teams spend much of their time thinking up ways to criticize the back to back champs.


The reason I asked if you worked for the Bombers was because of the other Bomber forums. It wasn't meant as an offensive remark.

I am not sure what you mean by that explanation. It sounded sarcastic the way it was posted, but you posted it in this thread, so permissible. You posted the exact same question in the Bomber thread to @LetsGoBlue. Not permissible. Perhaps you are developing some sort of theory that Bomber fans on this website are all planted by and work for the Bombers. But I don’t think that was actually your point.

Are you a moderator? And yes they have paid posters.

Jon will respond to the first comment....

If you have substantial info on your second point I'd say show it..... otherwise it's just your opinion, correct?

BTW...the Mod's are volunteers.

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You know I am not a moderator. The names of moderators are listed and can be easily found. Like many others, if I see something offside of the rules, I would rather mention it to someone rather than knee jerk flag it for a volunteer moderator with not enough time available to deal with it. If you are asking the community to flag every one of your offensive posts for a moderator to deal with, I am sure they could oblige. I note also that you were recently censured for similar inappropriate comments that were removed, I believe on the Edmonton forum. Carlos, you seem intelligent enough to me. Is this really the way you want to participate in this forum? There are plenty of ways to make your point known without offending the rules.

I feel the same way as WeGotTheCup about your second point, which is not stated as an opinion. Even if it was an opinion, you should tell us what you base it on. You are moving into crazy chicken country. If you are right, however, and Wade Miller or Kyle Walters are reading these posts, then one of them should please contact me through this forum before free agency starts and I will sign whatever they would like me to sign (unless this is a dark op), and provide them with my banking info for future direct deposits.

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Paid Mods?? I want in! :money_mouth_face:

Seriuosly, what is your obsession wanting to know if we work for the Bombers or if we're mods?

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Are you or have you ever been a moderator, if so how much do you get paid? Enquiry minds want to know.

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