Bombers sign OL Jermarcus Hardrick to one-year extension

WINNIPEG β€” The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed All-Star American offensive tackle Jermarcus Hardrick to a one-year contract extension, the team announced on Thursday.

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Another domino falls! With Darvin Adams, maybe the most important one yet since the GC. :+1:

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Yessir. Hardrick was a must signing. He's a force. BC should never have let this guy go.

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Wow bombers are throwing money around , they just signed Jefferson and Jeffcoat to raises but they would only commit to one year deals lol looks like no money left for Collaros lol

He's been with the Bombers for 6 years. BC has had three GM's since

If those three former GM's had a common flaw I bet it was letting their quarterbacks get run over by the truckload behind substandard offensive lines. Poor old mangled Reilly is still suffering under that mindset.


Another casualty of the Michael Reilly signing was Jovon Olifoye who packed it in when they low balled him and ended up with Brett Boyko in his spot.

Poor, old, mangled Reilly is his own worst enemy with his five step drop. Very hard to protect a QB like that.


Reilly has one, maybe two years of greatness left before his body gives out under that punishment. If BC doesn't get his protection right this time they'll miss out big time. Right now they have a deadly combo in Lucky Whitehead and Brian Burnham but neither will be able to do much damage if their QB keeps getting run over by an average pass rush.

BC has spent quite a bit on their O line without getting the desired result. Ryker Matthews didn't play a game. Boyko was a disaster before him.

Every play a long pass makes it tough.

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So did we. Our replacements did adequate jobs while our starters were out. The Zack Attack continued with Jarmarcus Hardrick on the sidelines for a quarter of the season. BC needs to aquire better depth.

Maybe if Desjarlais goes Geoff Gray will step in. Winnipeg has no depth on either line. O line benefits from the Winnipeg run game.

They could use Mark Korte

You have Winnipeg confused with Hamilton. Our bench strength last year was the BEST in the league at every position except quarterback and kicker. The only thing that could've stopped us was an injury bug the size of Saskatchewan's. They had 21 guys in the infirmary and counting as they headed into the latter part of the season.

Hamilton on the other hand couldn't afford much in the way of backup help since their starters were overpriced. Once they dump either Masoli or Evans and move on from some of their aging linemen they'll magically rise to the top of the standings again. It's amazing what a team can achieve with younger players and more cap space.

If the Lions can somehow renegotiate Reilly's contract down a notch or two (and don't say it can't be done... Hufnagel did just THAT with BLM's contract today) then maybe they'll be able to build a better team.

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Who steps in for Bighill?

Bighill is ageless. He'll still be terrorizing quarterbacks in the care home he retires to when he hits his 90's.

So nobody then. What happened to Tom Miles?

Don't be too quick to say 'nobody'. Our scouts are getting better and better at finding talent under rocks. If Biggy moves on they'll airlift twenty bodies into camp like they did last year (we needed DB's) and we'll get someone who's half as good but that'll be more than enough.

He went 'back to school' like Rodney Dangerfield:

Masters in Business Administration and two bucks buys a coffee.

DJ LaLama would be good except he pissed off O'Shea and that is it.

Miles is just 'preparing for life after football'. He's not quitting in a huf like some overpriced NFL brat (who until recently played for Tampa).

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WTF? That is a pretty clueless comment......