Bombers sign NIs David McKoy and James Green

McKoy is a WR who was the 9th overall pick by the Riders in 2007. He was had knee problems and was released by the Riders when he failed his physical. Has potential but can he stay off the IR.

James Green was drafted in 2009 by the Argos. Was released in 2010, signed by the Esks and later released.

I remember James Green, this guy is a keeper!

43 Green, James DB Non-Import 5.11 217 1983-06-22 Calgary
87 McKoy, David WR Non-Import 6.02 195 1983-07-05 Guelph

Both have nice size, but you can't help think they are just short term injury replacements.

James must be fairly thick, he's only 5'11 but weighs 217. Sounds like a physical one. :thup:

mckoy has talent.. guelph heh? famillar with coach walters possibly.

hopefully mckoy can step up here, stay healthy and we can get rid of ralph.

Ralph for Bauman c'mon, you know you wanna :wink:

lop sided trade ideas aside, these two look pretty impressive.

also apparentlly brought back wr scott mchenry aswell who was apparently released from the riderS PR.

....he wasn't released....we just helped ourselves to their pr. :lol: ....some call it 'dirty pool'....IF it works out for us...heluva move :wink: ...He is/was thought highly of in the rider camp...could be a nice ni addtion...good hands I hope he gets a shot and that may come sooner than you think ...I believe you have to start a player if you signed him off of someones elses pr...or at least put him on the active roster immediately in some capacity....In the end does this mean one of our other canuck receivers is in tough????? :roll:

There was no dirty pool here. LaPo picked up McKoy, because he didn’t want to scoop McHenry off our PR without talking to Kenny first. Once Kenny gave him the A-OK, LaPo signed McHenry and McKoy was tossed back onto the CFL scrap heap.

.....there is an unwritten rule amongst CFL teams that you 'respect' each others pr.....but if it 'went down' the way you claim artie...then it sounds like something was going on behind the scenes with Bombers and Riders (big surprise)...Sounds kind of 'heartless' when you say McCoy was tossed back onto the CFL (s)crap heap...but i guess it's is business in the end...Do you think Kenny and Lapo talk alot in the 'shadows'???? 8) :lol:

I disagree that there is an unwritten rule regarding players on the PR. If there was then teams would not be coming up with fake injuries to put guys on the 9 game IR instead of the PR. Also I doubt the CFLPA would allow it.

…i disagree that there ISN’T an unwritten rule…and the ‘fake’ injury scenario may just be part of a few more ‘borderline infractions’ that never really see the light of day…Pretty hard ‘not to allow’ what you never hear or see :wink:

…i’ll give you a little example of what can transpire in the background…Look up the sweet little deal Wally had with Mallett last year and you’ll see what i mean… :wink:

Difference being that an unwritten rule regarding the PR would affect player movement and a guy getting a shot at playing. Hiding a guy on the IR (since he has to agree to it) or tearing up a contract doesn't do that.

I don't think there was much that "went down", and probably not any different than LaPo would have done with any of the other teams. In cases of desperate need, teams will poach PR guys, but generally they understand that what comes around goes around, and they do the right thing and handle things man-to-man.

Not saying that if Kenny said no they wouldn't take him - I have no idea. But my guess is Kenny (like most teams) wouldn't deny a player an opportunity unless they had serious future plans for a guy.

Asfor my comment, football's a great game, and an awful business. But, if you like it better, after signing McHenry, McKoy was "allowed to more fully pursue his non-football opportunities".

According to the Winnipeg papers, McKoy's knee was still a problem. I suspect he didn't pass the physical.

.....i will reiterate that all dealings with players, in the CFL, or any other business regarding it's employees, do not go under the microscope...Certain occurences are 'in-camera' if you prefer...The CFLPA is on top of the main issues regarding players.... Flagrant vilolations would definitely be dealt with but you can't be privy to everything... IF certain management want to skirt the perimeter of fairness and being 'totally up-front, i believe they have in the past and that it is still part of the business....To think otherwise is a bit naive.. :wink:

In today’s FP:

CHANGE OF PLANS: Scott McHenry's original weekend schedule: Work out and watch the football games on television. Sitting on the practice roster for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, the non-import receiver was not going to be travelling to Montreal with the Green Machine, so his schedule was pretty relaxed. Until he got word his address was changing.

“(Wednesday), there was a note in my locker after practice telling me to meet the general manager right away,” McHenry said. "(Brendan Taman) told me, ‘Looks like you’re going to be playing this weekend – but it will be for Winnipeg.’

Cut by the Bombers after training camp, McHenry will replace WR/KR Marcus Howell on the roster. The Canadian slotback will play on a few special-teams units.

Nothing sneaky there.

Told ya.

.....who said there was anything sneaky.....just par for the course :wink: