Bombers sign new QB!!!!!


They signed John Elway?

Thanks to Elway's patented last second magic, the final score of Super Bowl 30... Denver 7, San Francisco 56.


ALL-STAR RUNNING BACK ALSO JUST SIGNED,THE REBUILD HAS BEGUN!!!! :lol: :slight_smile: :rockin: :cowboy:

Their RB kind of looks like Brendan Taman. :cowboy:

Homer is the new Coach


BOMBERS NEW BACKFIELD TANDEM!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:


56-7 ??? NAH!!!!!!!!!! The game was way CLOSER than that :roll: :wink:

They don’t need Homer. They have so much QB depth, remember? We were all told that Winnipeg’s QB depth was the envy of the league…

That was when we had Buck, Elliott and Brink as our QB's.

But I guess we were wrong. After all where are those guys now? It's not like they've been picked up by GMs like Wally and Popp.

Oh, wait.

...I certainly luv the way you're keeping the Bomber profile up bobo....All of these threads you are dedicating to us gives me the heart to carry on :thup: :thup: :lol:

THANX papazoola :thup: :lol: Being a long time Cat fan,believe me,I've gone through more than my share of seasons like you B.B. fans are this year.......and like they say.......Laughter is the best medicine......and also when it gets to the stage it's at now.......there's no sense getting mad or is was it is!!!! Have fun with it,lifes too short to get all bent out of shape about a crummy football team and season.Heck,let's face it 6 or 7 years ago this thread would've probably read Ti-Cats sign new Q.B.!!!!! and it's content would've been the same or very similiar to this one!!!Life will go on,and one day the Bombers will rise from the ashes and once again be a good football team :cowboy: :slight_smile:
In all seriousness though do you actually think that any of the so-called Q.B.'s you're stuck with this year,will be on the 2014 edition of the BOMBERS???? I'm thinking as soon as the final whistle blows to end your's going to be 88 and out the gate for all three of them!!!!(Along with your coach,his assistants and 3/4 of your current roster)Right now I'd say you might have maybe 12-15 keepers that you can build around,as for the rest of them.....push them out the plane without a parachute!!! And just remember,unlike us here in the Hammer at least you got NHL :thup: GO JETS GO!! :thup:

.....Larry, Curly, and Moe will likely be dealt the nine of hearts.....see ya...been a slice kind of ending...The only way we can become the phoenix that rises from the ashes is the next qb. we bring in has to be a franchise type player to build around....The last few years have been a horror show as far as player acquisitions the draft and fa. (non-existent)... Bringing in qbs. that are no better than the ones we tied the can to and suspect coaching...all a recipe for disaster...Like they say, there's only one way to go from here and that's up...So look out 2014....Oh I forgot..we're back in the tougher division...We might be awhile getting a playoff spot... UNLESS the esks. keep their current status going.. :roll: :lol: