Bombers sign National linebacker Eric Mezzalira

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed National linebacker Eric Mezzalira, the team announced on Tuesday.

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Sounds like Kyle Walters is already working on a solution to counter the Masoli pasta dominance Ottawa is developing. I have complete confidence that Mezzalira knows what he's doing when it comes to pizza toppings. :smiley: :+1:

It's a gouda day fromage Winnipeg Bleu Bombers, swiss the signing of Mezzilera. I'm sure he's happy to brie on a Grey Cup winning team. After not having a grate season with the Argos last year, he sounds like a pretty sharp guy. Queso is does he play special teams or defense? either way nacho problem. Grate job Kyle

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I'm glad you wheyed in. Mezzalira can help us tilt the pasta balance back in our favor but IMHO our Blue Cheese corps still kinda stinky.

My son was a team mate of Eric when they both played minor football together here in Hamilton . I guess it was inevitable that he would wind up in Winnipeg being as the name of the team that he and my son both played on was called the Stoney Creek Bombers . The team even had the old " W " logo with the lightning bolt going thru it on their helmets . Yup , it's hard to believe but at one time I probably had just as much Bomber swag as Ti-Cat swag . As a matter of fact I still have My Golden Horseshoe championship jacket from 2007 hanging in my closet .:grinning:

Mezzalira is actually the 2nd player that used to play with my son that got drafted in the CFL . The 1rst was Dakota Brush who got drafted by BC and played a couple of seasons there before finishing up in Ottawa .


Amazing Bobo! There's a Bomber team in Hamilton that you actually cheered for!

I have a confession to make... the uniform I wore while playing Pop Warner football was red and white. Even my helmet logo was a dead ringer for what the Stampeders were sporting back in the 1970's. I was a Colt until I was 16 and for a while there I couldn't diss any team coming out of Calgary.

Thanks to 'mock therapy' (that's what concerned friends do, they make fun of you) I'm all better now. :smiley: :+1:

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