Bombers sign Marshall - Vincent Marshall that is

The Bombers have apparently signed Vincent Marshall as WR who played 5 games for the Riders in 2008. They've apparently released Otis Amey as well.

....apparently this was a Murphy signing....Can't remember much about the guy...but i guess we'll get refreshed at tc. :roll:

If the Bomber's are done with Amey, then I hope the Ticats give him a try.Drisan James is terrible and I really feel that he should be a bench rider at best.

Someone at Extra Point says that Amey says on his Facebook page that he asked to be released. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to try the NFL.

i personnally think amey will be a very good reciever in this league... he's what 25? he's got good size and speed and some pretty good catches and over 100 yards against toronto. he will be a goos pick up for whoever grabs him....

if he has a better QB, i think he's capable of doing some damage!

with that said, I wonder if some Rider fans can give us some inside info on Marshall

Sorry, I can barely remember him. He was a bit player, who got to start a few games due to the decimating injuries the Rider receivers sustained in 2008. The only play I can recall was a touchdown pass he caught in the banjo bowl in 2008 that was part of the Riders 4th quarter rally.

Calgary signed him as a free agent last offseason...I don't know if he was on their roster all year or not.