Bombers sign LB Kyrie Wilson to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed American linebacker Kyrie Wilson to a one-year contract extension. He was scheduled to become a free agent in February.

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Kyrie Wilson is as good as any WLB in the league. His playing time has been limited but when he’s on he field he makes plays.

Wilson and Clements are both WLBs and Rutledge Jr. played SLB most of last year but was not signed with the other PR players last week. Does that mean the Bombers are gunning for a free agent SLB?

Bighill and Wilson are extremely good together. Will be interesting to see what happens with the third linebacker position or if either Clements or Wilson are moved over.


Sorry Blue but what are you on? I hate to repeat myself (well, obviously I don't) but Wilson has averaged 4 games outside of the 1 season he actually played a full season. Last year in 4 games he had ONE tackle. Beyond mediocre. dThanks for your contribution, Kyrie. The difference between being 4-0 & 0-4.:joy:

If you think Kyrie is as good as Lokombo in BC, as Judge in Calgary or as good as Dean or Lawrence, I really don't know what to say. He's not Muamba, who plays WIL when McManis is injured. He would have problems starting @ WIL on most teams. The year he was in 18 games he played behind Santos-Knox, only starting when S-K got injured. How can you compare his production to ANYONE when you're not on the field for most of 4 seasons & a backup most of the other one? That's laughable.

You set a very low bar for excellence, Blue. You're welcome to him IMO. :sunglasses:


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2022 - 17 tackles, 1 special teams tackle and 1 QB sack
2021 - 23 tackles and 1 interception
2019 - 69 tackles, 4 special teams tackles, 3 QB sacks, 1 interception and 1 TD
2018 - 4 tackles, 7 special teams tackles and 1 QB sack
2017 - 1 special teams tackle

This is Kyrie Wilson's entire CFL career statistically with the Bombers. He's had his share of injuries over the last couple seasons. Hoping he can stay healthy and have a great year in 2023.


Right. :+1:

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With the injuries in his career he was likely a bargain. You need a couple of those with the cap to make it work.

If he stays healthy you likely get incredible value for money, if not you will get value for money spent.


I can cherry pick stats too:

Outside of lastyear, where he had a major injury, he averaged missing only a few games/year since he's been a starter.

Foolish to be counting his 1 game in 2017 when he just came on the scene, and 2018 he didn't see starts until Santos Knox was injued. His play made JSK expendable. If he didn't get injured this year, he'd be a much more known name across the league.
Couldn't care if others don't know him, we do and we're more than happy to have him.

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This is basically a Part B signing to Bighill's re-upping last week.
Bighill is a gamer, there's no doubt to that. But he's a gamer in decline. The cold and stiffness of Taylor Field Grey Cup showed him to be overly late to the ball and in pursuit of faster runners & receivers.
Wilson can make up for Bighill's deficits so Adam B. doesn't have to always be covering so much turf.

Of course the biggest question Kyries Wilson must answer is whether he can keep himself on the field vs. in the tub.

So Lyle, are you also going to inform pants of just how good a LBer Wilson can be? Yes, the injury factor has come into play the past 2 seasons. But we know how good he has been when playing. Pants seems to think he's some grade D LBer - and ofcourse he knows our players better than we do. :laughing:

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When Wilson is at his best he's at least as good, possibly a tiny bit better than Jovan Santos-Knox. This is the supreme compliment.

His best attribute in terms of working with Biggy Bighill is covering space. The less space Bighill has to cover, the better. If the space is covered and sometimes dominated by Wilson the Bombers are the better for it.


I think this year they dropped him (biggie) back more than ever. I do agree with what you're saying though, that maybe going forward its not a great idea as his footspeed probably won't be as good as a burner. But Bighill is as good as any on short yardage, and still one of the best leaders in the game.
I also think that KW is/was very comparable to JSK, they both did a very good job if not underrated.

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Well that got everyone going. Well, I have to admit I was wrong. I'm not sure where the wires got crossed but, yes, he did have 17 DT's & I will go on record to say that is decent for 4 games. And a one year deal for a much injured player is not high risk.

But I would not rate Wilson over his 5 year career on par with a lot of great WIL's in the league at that time. If you want to compare performances, well, you have to perform to qualify. When you're not on the field most of the games in 4 of those years, you hardly get to stand up & say I'm one of the best. As for his one full year, when Santos-Knox was healthy, he was the starter @ WIL, not Wilson. It's a step too far for me to buy that the Bomber 2nd stringer was as good as most of the WIL's in the league. He was quite far down the list, stats wise, from a lot of them.

What are you talking about? You admit that you were wrong about the player, then you double down on being wrong. JSK got hurt and Wilson came in for him and never looked back. He has been penciled in at WILL ever since.

Not sure why you want to keep mentioning 2017 when he just came to the league and was a PR guy. 2018 he was mostly Special Teams, and started at Will at the end of the year & playoffs.


The fire is extinguished again. If you really want to know more about how valuable Wilson is to the Bombers, just ask O'Shea, Hall, Bighill and the rest of the Bombers D. Wilson was playing at an All Star level and the Bombers MODP up until his injury, the guy is a stud. Top 2 in the league at his position, and would have been unquestionably #1 if it weren't for some bad luck. Hopefully he recovers from the Achilles injury, it's always a tough one to beat.