Bombers sign Khari Jones to one year contract

I would like to thank the Bombers organization for doing this. Khari is a class individual. And now he can retire as a Bomber. Good work bombers. Khari has been great in the Calgary community.

I agree, a good move by the Bombers. I wonder if he will back up Glenn for the last 3 games of the season... :wink:

i thought it was only 1 day so he could retire where he wanted, and deserves to retire? Correct me if im wrong I believe thats what i read in the Sun.

Your right but they have to sign them for a year probably for a $1.00 Sambo is playing with ya on the backup roll. :lol: The Stamps did the same thing for A Johnson and T Vaughn

Judging some of Taman's moves, you might be hitting the nail on the head! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Classy move by the Bombers, allowing Khari to retire a Bomber. Well done!

Alondra Johnson was one of my favorite players, even when he was a Stamp lol

Word has it, They went over salarycap by signing up :stuck_out_tongue:

Jones should of stayed for the remainder of the season. Dinwiddie is not ready.

…Khari is going out like he should…a Bomber…those other stints (Ham. Edm.etc,) were the down-side of a great career…Jones will always be considered a Wpg. Blue Bomber with alot of talent and class…don’t know what he’s going to do when the CBC dumps the broadcasts…i hope he can find some way to hang around the league…good luck Khari… :thup:

I hope TSN picks him up...

Yah IU like him too. Did you take the CFL NATION broadcast survey? jman?