Bombers Sign Jyles

The Winnipeg Sun website reported today that the Bombers have signed former Rider backup quarterback Steven Jyles:

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Toss another one on the backup pile!!

WOW...6 QB's coming to training camp?

That's way too many; none of them would get enough reps in tc or exhibition games to allow the coaching staff to make a proper assessment. So I'd guess one or two are going to be released prior to training camp (likely Bramlet and Bishop).

And out of those QBs none of them show the capability of taking you anywhere. Bishop can win you a game and the next week lose one singlehandedly.
They've lost some talent over the off season too and, arguably, are as challenged, on paper , as Toronto is.

The thing with Bishop is at times he can be one of the best qb's in the league - i would keep him around as a back up for that reason.

I guess that means Buck Pierce to TO.

Just another re-building year in Winnipeg that will take some years with many uncertainties??? 6 QB's in camp should be fun to decide with so little time to play each one. I guess with Jyles headed to Winnipeg, Kerry Joseph who was just released by the Argo's may be heading to Saskatchewan to play in Regina again and rekindle his Grey Cup performance of 2007, you never know???

I doubt they'd take a chance on rekindling Joseph's career with Durant still there. I don't see the point. Even though he hasn't performed great the last couple years he is a "name" player and that alone would be enough for the media to whip up a QB controversy. I don't think Joseph will be going anywhere this year.

Can't wait for the next football game thread with a new Winnipeg coach and HIS guy in the saddlllllllllllllllllle - THUMP...LMAO :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Seems a little similar to last year, Kelly brings in his brutal third stringer from Edmonton to be his guy then throws him under the bus even though he said he was going to crash and burn with him no matter what, now Police is bringing in his brutal Sask back up to be his guy. How long before Paul throws Jyles under the bus? Will they ever learn?

I cant wait for training camps to begin, I'm sure we'll be constantly updated by bomber fans on how Jyles is throwing the ball like Dan Marino and they're all buying non refundable plane tickets to the grey cup.

It is not similar at all, other than the fact that both Jyles and LeFors were once backups in Edmonton. . . therein the similarity stops.

Unlike Kelly, LaPolice has NOT anointed Jyles the starter. . . he said he was (a) brought in for QB depth; (b) that no one has an entitlement to a position, and (c) the 4 QBs will compete for the starter's job.

Night and day.

I highly doubt the plan is to have the 3 other nobodies compete for the starting job. They have obviously not learned their lesson about not having a quality veteren qb from day one.

I don't know why you'd doubt that all 4 will compete for the starter's job. That's what the coach has said, and I at least have no reason at this point to doubt the man. He's got 4 QBs, let them engage in a fair competition and may the best man win; seems to me like an eminently reasonable approach to take (and a refreshing change from what transpired in Winnipeg last season).

Now, are they all "nobodies". . . probably to many they or at least some of them are. But face it, all starting QBs in the CFL were "nobodies" at some point. . .

Sure there's value in having a quality veteran QB. . . but look at the Green Riders; they went into last season without a quality veteran starter, then went with a kid who hadn't played much at all, and let's see, how far did they go? Oh yes that's right, all the way to the Grey Cup. So you never know, one of these guys you call 'nobodies' might just step up and become 2010's Darian Durant. . . stranger things have happened.

You can't evaluate a qb properly in training camp or preseason. It's the toughest possition to play in any sport and they're not going to know what they got till the real bullets start to fly, last year Lafors was lighting it up in training camp and preseason then suddenly they realize he has all these flaws because defences sit and study every little thing they do all week. With Durrant Regina knew what they had.

They do say "History repeats itself"... I just didn't realize it happened so quickly in Winnipeg!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: