Bombers Sign Import LB - Looks Like A Good One

A superbowl ring, NFL experience, size and speed, could this guy be the one we need? Judge For Yourself!! Another Temple Player? I See A Trend Here.

WINNIPEG -- The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have signed import linebacker Rian Wallace. As per team policy, details of the agreement are not disclosed.

Wallace (6-3, 243, Temple, DOB: May 24, 1982 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania) was originally drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. A member of the Superbowl winning Steelers, Wallace played in six games with Pittsburgh in 2005. In 2006, Wallace played in the final 12 games of the season, primarily on special teams, posting his first career interception and returned it 30 yards for a score. Wallace also spent time with the Washington Redskins. Last season, Wallace was a starting linebacker with the New York Sentinels of the United Football League. Wallace was a two-time All-Big East all-star and registered 192 solo tackles with Temple during his NCAA career.

“We’re pleased to add a player with Rian’s experience. He has been a part of a championship team with the Steelers and that is always an asset. We look forward to him competing for a spot on our roster,? said Vice-President and General Manager of Football Operations Joe Mack.

this happened 2-3 weeks ago already, correct? anyways, regardless... i like the signing... i dont know how fast he actually is at that size, but could be a mlb prospect, rather than an olb as hes listed... definately like this signing tho

Did it happen 2 weeks ago, hmmm wierd. Anyways Mack has said or was it LaPo on OB an hour or so ago that he has above average speed for a man his size and when he hits you, youre going to feel it!! Tells me he isn`t the fastest LB but is very agressive and hits with authority, good signing, hope he lives up to expectations, definately an interesting player to watch at training camp!!

Now ya-.....naw, nevermind.

Now now Artie, i am not praising him or calling him a superstar, a good signing and an interesting player to keep an eye on, only time will tell if he will be a player worth calling "good/Great", but another good signing competition wise considering LB and DB are the positions we need more depth at, could be a ST player in 2010 for all i know, i just repeated what the Bomber Brass described as. If even some of the player's we signed pan out this season our Bomber's will be a competetive team, if alot of them pan out or we make a couple more moves our Bombers could be a dangerous team, as long as we kick the snot out of Hamilton and Toronto all year i'll be satisfied, after all don't you want labour day and The Banjo bowl to be 2 hard fought games? like they should be.

Let me put it this way i hope SASK kicks the snot out of Hamilton and Toronto all year and i hope WPG does as well, but we can both hope that we are competetive and Kick the snot out of CGY, EDM and BC, work together except our back to back games and we are both happy. After all the CFL and both our teams deserve a Grey Cup, imagine 2007 all over again except at commonwealth stadium, that would be the ultimate showdown Riders VS Bombers in the GC. Not saying we are a GC calibre team, but you never know this is the CFL after all and the CFL would only benefit from two teams that have the greatest fans in the CFL and that is Riders and Bombers. Seriously how many T.O or Hamilton fans would go to Edmonton to watch there teams in the GC.... ha ha ..... sad but true!!

no need to apologize for getting excited about prospects... we are going to have a lot of turnover and they are bringing in some very interesting players, the only way to find the next milt stegall, cam wake, barrin simpson etc... is bringing in new promising bodies...

half these guys will be cut... a bunch will make the team, a few MAY even turn out to be stars. i like the fact that were bringing in new blood and not just recycling older cflers now.

Well said.

interesting. i heard of this signing about a week ago but guess it wasnt officially announced until today.

with the signing of rian "goo" wallace, bombers have a plethora of american linebackers on the roster.

this could mean that we are looking at moving an ike charlton or someone like that for a draft pick.

i dunno, im not gonna hype anyone cuz honestly i just dont know enough about these players to say anything.

theres been guys who have put up not so good college number and have played well in the cfl, there have been nfl first round picks who played in the cfl and couldnt do anything. i dunno.

all i know is... competition at spots that were a weak spot for us last season (like linebacker) never hurts.

.......IF Rian can put the 'd' on 'goo' or surpass that description...we just might have found a player... :wink:

What's a "dgoo"?

You’re such a smart a**. :lol: cripes sake.....dgoo is a sort of stickum that players use on their hands.....helps a lot on fingertip grabs :lol:

okay smart one....i'll have to spell it out for carefully G-O-O-D..... :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: