Bombers sign Glover and a few others....

....Glover.....4 seasons with Lenny but not a bad db ....4th round pick of the stamps in 09....out of the sask. system...good size

....Kent ....import db.....was on the Als roster in 06 as a rookie...playing 14 games recording 36 tackles and 1 sack

......officially signed Hashem.....this kid will be a good one... :thup:

glover is a good singing.. probably making half as much as walls.. walls hasnt found a job yet so he's probably priced himself out of the cfl..

hashem should be a good one, cant teach size, that kids got it and a natural tackle? Me likes.

Nothing wrong with mchenry either, was considered the next big thing at one point and then got hurt... lets see if he can come around.

kent? never heard of him so no comment. Bombers must have been impressed with him one way or another, was he probably one of the guys at the invite camp last weekend? :slight_smile:

good signings all around.

2 db's, 2 canadians.. im liking this. look at our signings this off season, we are certainly trying to improve our canadian depth. i wonder if this year is the year we actually see more than 5 or 6 guys on the pr.

we need some linebackers tho.

,,,,,this ni receiver, McHenry could be a 'sleeper'....was held in high regard in sask. till he was injured.......can;t go wrong signing as many ni's as we can....and we sure have signed a few in the last little while :thup:

McHenry was Calgary's property, not ours. He played slot at UofS, but Huffer wanted to turn him into a fullback. Don't know what happpened.

…he came out of sask (see the top of the page ‘out of sask’.)… AND was drated in the 4th round by the stumps…that was already stated…Apparently McHenry was injured and kind of fell off the map…Maybe he can get his career back on track and develop with us… :roll: :roll: then again he could end up just being tc fodder…Nice to see the guy get another shot though :thup: .

well, our secondary doesnt look to bad anymore... still have jovon johnson, Craver, Logan and now Glover... also Stewart did look very promising last season in TC

if Big Hef makes a return we could still have one of the better secondaries in the league IMO

For some reason, I can't recall Glover doing much for the Lions, other then getting beat, a lot.

i have that same memory of glover...

however i watched some vids of our new db kent on youtube, they were from 06 or 07 so a few years ago, but he seemed to be invloved in a lot of plays, and really played with intensity... if his game is still at that level maybe he has a chance to crack the squad