Bombers sign former Raiders

another LB and a receiver

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...this Green guy sounds interesting....nice size....the other guy....maybe training camp fodder.....but the more the merrier...when you are trying to track down a winner... :wink:

Is it my imagination Papa, but it sure seems like there are an awful lot more NFL cuts this year turning up North........ Its seems a lot of the Teams have signed a bunch of NFL players this year. (Whether they produce or not will be debated later!)

...Yeah ...I was thinking the same thing awhile ago....every team seems interested in bringing in a few...and boy...have these guys ever got kind words for the CFL.......The reason for more turning up could be because of the roster change allowing for more players....and if you have a good Canadian ratio the Bombers have could be adding a few more imports to the team in key you better have a good look at a take on it anyway... :roll:

papa said it, 'the more the merrier"! can never have too much talent to pick from and at the very least, it'll push the people that are here and think that they have a job "locked up"!

we have tons of talent, there should be no way we can't make the playoffs or Grey Cup now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but remember, the Rainders do suck right now.

well they got a few decent receivers so maybe the receivers ok, but their LBs...who do they even have?