Bombers Sign Euclid Cummings

It’s somewhat of an upgrade for Winnipeg over the DTs they had getting pushed around last year. Not a huge loss for Toronto as newcomer Andre Monroe more than replaces what Cummings offered.

Cummings struggles with discipline - - takes some stupid penalties, but more importantly he often leaves his gap when trying to pass rush.

Concern with Monroe is that he his is borderline short for the spot. Guy has an great motor, good bulk and piles of inside skill…but that height could be a legit concern for wear over the course of a season.

Understandable concern, but Monroe actually uses the lack of height to his advantage.

He gets great leverage to get under the OLinemen, then has the bulk/power to just drive them back and collapse the pocket. That's exactly what you want out of a DT - - and it's something that was badly lacking in Toronto last year.

And let's be honest - - the interior OLine is the weak link for CFL teams as that's typically where they try and hide Canadian starters.

That technique last so long. It is eventually recognized and squashed.

The interior is definitely the weakness of the OL...the Guard is statistically the weakest spot on the OL in the CFL.

he is a technically sound player that I have loved to watch...time will tell if he can carry that through a full season. If he can, then the Argos won that trade for sure, as the Riders already had a pretty solid OT, and one could argue the move was actually a downgrade for them.