Bombers sign DL Willie Jefferson to extension

I couldn’t care less whether others don’t worship the Bombers. I don’t even “worship” them. It’s a football game not a life changing event.

You can pick out all kinds of missed opportunities on both sides throughout the game as you can in any close game. One play by either team could have made a difference but missed plays are part of the game. I am assuming that you also think that the ‘21 Grey Cup was a blowout in favour of the Ticats. Like ‘21 this year’s game could easily have gone into OT had Liegghio made his last convert. Not sure how you can’t see that both games were close and could have gone either way, unless you are obsessed with running down the Bombers, probably because of the pain you have after the Riders season.

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I have no pain, Jon. I understand that football is a game of youth; players who were dominant aren't always so.. playing a full 18 game schedule as you age becomes hardwr and harder.

First and foremost I enjoy casually watching the game even when my team isn't playing and watch most games in a given season. Its just my analysis as I thought thats the purpose of a discussion forum. No need to engage with you anymore because you clearly can't handle it.

Both combatants here are exercising their free speech rights to engage in a massive battle of 'IFS & BUTS'.
Both arguments have merit - the Bombers were within a shanked, fairly short field goal to take the lead - but there were 54 sec. left on the clock. No guarantee a gassed Wpg. D would have been able to withstand Chad Kelly's assault on their well-being.
The Argos could have had a double digit (10 or more) win by taking advantage of Collaros' first half goofs. It was an embarrassing performance for the league MOP who ended up being the Grey Cup games' worst performer (no such award presented in the interest of lovely word play)
Collaros had a slightly off outing in the Western Final but the Bombers had a strong ground game and were able to throttle a paralyzed Nathan Rourke other than garbage time.
In the Grey Cup Collaros shat the bed. I admire Collaros because even he will tell you such.
Next season, as Collaros' arm starts showing more signs of wear 'n tear, his legs no longer to be more than a spot scrambler and a porous pass-blocking o-line will have the Bombers engaging in weekly tests of will against both the CFL worst and the CFL's best teams.
From what I saw in 2 playoff games - the Bombers will certainly NOT be a 15-3 team next season.
If they choose to delay their needed rebuild and continue to flow with the old guys and a honeyman kicker they'll land somewhere between 8-10 and 12-6. . . . . and the latter record would flatter their current rate of decline!


Ahhemmm.....Started with who? Went to Saskatchewan as an FA from Edmonton, while we had a bunch of %$&#wits running the team.
Between then and now all Kyle Walters had to do was pick up the phone and say "sure we will take (long list of draft picks and development players from Edmonton)".
When current management showed up Mother Hubbard's cupboard looked full to overflowing by comparison with what they had to work with.

Good signing for the Bombers. The labour market has swung in the owners favour this year though with the massive number of free agents available so I can see a lot of guys signing where they are before free agency.


Well that sounds promising. Maybe we'll all get what we want this Christmas (no more sad bag for Squishy next season). :grinning:

I just got back from out of country , did the Bombers really choke in the Grey Cup game ? Weren’t their fans bragging about how great and invincible they were ? Weren’t they guaranteeing people a 3 peat ? What happened ? Last year was luck I’m guessing

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Nothing to do with the thread topic. Couldn’t you just have trolled from outside of the country?


Guess they took lessons from Calgary :man_shrugging:


Not quite. CGY lost TWO consecutive to teams with a combined record of 17-18-1. WPG lost to a team that went 11-7.


Yeah - when I'm down and need a laugh - I can just think about those games and start giggling - watching them is outright belly laughs....

This GC was no flop on your face and hand a game you have won to the opposition like Calgarys were.


They are still bragging about how great and invincible they are. Some have already planned the parade for next year

At least they will have something to celebrate.....


No one is bragging and no one has planned any parades. Do you make this stuff up on your own or do you have help? Did you even read the thread title which is not “Let’s Troll Bomber Fans”.

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Wasn't it you claiming the Bombers are great and the Argos didn't deserve to make the Grey Cup game in a thread about the successful turnout at the Argos parade?

You’re making that up as well. Does it ever cease? You haven’t answered my question about why you make up accusations and “facts” in your posts.

Yes the Bombers are obviously a great team, but I didn’t guarantee they would win a one game crapshoot and mentioned several times how any team can lose any one game. They are still the class of the league and I fully expect they will once again be the pre season favourite in 2023. They have already signed both Jefferson and Bighill in addition to previously inking Collaros.

I also didn’t state that Toronto didn’t “deserve” to be in the Grey Cup, but rather that they didn’t “earn” their way into the game. That is because they were the 4th best regular season team yet earned a bye and only had to win the unearned GC play in game to make it to the big show. They should have played in BC the week prior to the GC to actually “earn” their way into the game rather than being geographically gifted their position. This is factual and has considerable support in this forum. This also isn’t specific to Toronto or this year. It was discussed for months prior in this forum and applies to every year the current Eastern biased playoff format continues to screw the West.

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So when somebody says something negative about Winnipeg that's "trolling" according to you. Yet you can claim Toronto didn't "earn" their Grey Cup and that's what exactly?

GAW..On topic..Willie Jefferson has been awesome for the Bombers since 2019 and will continue to be.

Off topic..Thought I’d help steer you towards your teams announcement today. It’s been 3 hours and nobody has posted anything yet. Maybe you could start the convo and chat with fans of your team for a little while. Here’s the link for convenience.


A sensible post Blue but I doubt that facts or anything other than bashing the Bombers will be of interest.

But why would he look at thst post and comment when his life investment is to troll other fans


Good on the BB's for signing this stud for another season . It's still hard to believe that Saskatchewan had him before he signed on with Winnipeg and were too cheap to pay him . Really shows just how suspect the management is in Saskatchewan when they let a guy like Jefferson slip thru their fingers .

Willie Jefferson lowballed by Riders; took less choosing Bombers - 3DownNation