Bombers sign DL Willie Jefferson to extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced on Saturday that the club has agreed to terms with all-star defensive end Willie Jefferson, bringing him back on a one-year contract extension.

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So for at least one more year we get to say, "thank gosh he's on OUR side." :grinning: :+1:


Wished he was green

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Congrats to Bombers. Great signing. Class.

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No surprise but good to have him returning. Hopefully they will sign Jeffcoat too.


I like Jeffcoat. If we have to lose someone I am ok with it being him. He is impactful but starting to go the way of Andrew Harris (injured).

Willie's numbers really dropped off this year. Hoping they overpaid

Yes they sure did. 6 sacks only. He’s the wrong side of 30 now. Hopefully they overpaid him :rofl:

He doesn't get tackles, he's no good. :thinking:

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You should worry about your crappy team.

At least when your team misses the playoffs next year you won’t have the embarrassment of hosting the Grey Cup.

Good signing & like the term as well as that of Neufeld. As for Jeffcoat, he's missed, what, 20 games over the last 4 years &, with Jefferson, I believe were both top 5 pay wise last year. Depends on how much you want to invest in them. IMO Jeffcoat is on the bubble. Same goes for Ellingson. Missed 14 games past 2 seasons after 5 seasons missing 3 total. I like both players but at what price? That's the question. Bombers going against the grain as seeing quite a few 2, even 3 year deals up to now. But I can't argue with the term on the deals. :sunglasses:

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You’re still butthurt you lost to the argos. It’s ok.

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Yeah I believe Willie is going year to year until he decides to hang it up. He’s made it clear he won’t play anywhere else. He took a home town discount last year. Not sure what he signed for this year unless I missed it.

Jackson is a force when healthy but he wasn’t for even one game this year. Not sure of his intentions.

Wouldn’t surprise me if Ellingson hangs it up and/or the Bombers aren’t interested. I think they will go after Lawler.

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At least my whole body doesn’t hurt.

Do you often join forums just to troll?

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Im not the one with my feelings hurt.

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I don't know many Bomber fans that were but hurt with that loss. We were pretty happy winning 2, it was kind of us to share.
Now if I was a club with your winning record, that'd be a different story!


I don't think I've ever seen a guy as robust + elastic as Willy Jefferson. He's amazing at QB pursuit, makes tackles he shouldn't on trap plays and w/ his 10 foot wing span he knocks down a ton of balls or forces QBs to toss sidearm.
From a pure strength point of view, at 6'7", 252 Willy is unable to overpower even the most inexperienced Canadian o-lineman but he never could. He's not a bull-rusher, not even close!

But at only 32/33 he might have taken another slight hometown discount to stay with O'Shea, possibly wean some management or coaching skills and make up the difference as a local personality on TV, radio, newspapers, charities, etc. Milt Stegall is the King of all media personalities over the last 50 yrs w/ Bobby Hull, Buffalo Butt Byfuglien, Blake Wheeler, Dale Hawerchuk, Teemu Selanne, Kenny Ploen, Joe Pop, Bobby Cameron, Mitch Zalnasky & Bluto Walby distant 2nd. But Willy J is closing ground. He's pretty darn good. I'd choose him over any of the simpleton millionaires currently playing hockey for the Winnipeg Jets. Wouldn't you?

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Jeffcoat would be decent re-up but I'd have to get far more hometown discount from this big boy. He's not a natural bull-rusher either but he's got more push off the line and a bit more power than Jefferson. Just doesn't have Willy's range or reach.
Also, Jeffcoat was in the infirmary far too much this season. I don't see the guy able to play 18 solid games, hence the discount idea. If he's reallly good and near all-star (he won't be an all-star ever again) I'd be happy with 12 to 14 fully played games~

Can't disagree with any of that. Lawler will be very expensive once again. Three of the last 4 years the biggest non - QB contracts have gone to receivers. Seeing that in the NFL as well as RB's & OL contracts fall behind QB's & receivers. I always wonder why posters shake their heads at the big receiver contracts. It's the way of things.

If I was a betting man IMO Lawler ends up in BC, Regina or back in Edmonton. BC & Edmonton offered big money for Lawler - the BC deal was over 2 years. And remember they already paid Whitey a chunk. You can do that when Rourke is getting $71,500 in hard money. Rourke is still on chump change. Riders likely dump Duke which frees up $255K for Lawler. They desperately need to beef up their receivers. And Edmonton? Cornelius makes half of the money Collaros makes, who's been bumped up to $600K. If the carrot of a threepeat didn't keep Lawler there, why would he go back now? I just don't see the Bombers having the dough to outbid clubs for his services. How things turned out, you can't say Lawler didn't make the right decision.

Could happen, Jon, but I can't see it. My sources tell me he's checking out his chances down south but he isn't adverse to returning to the Elks. But he won't be taking a discount from anyone, if you ask me. :sunglasses:

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