Bombers sign DB Nick Taylor to one-year extension

WINNIPEG — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers have agreed to terms on a one-year contract extension with American defensive back Nick Taylor, who was scheduled to become a free agent on Tuesday.

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Nick's my kinda player. He don't need no stinkin' college to play football! :smiley: :+1:

Welcome back
How long do you plan to stay?
It's been a while
I've missed that smile on your face

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Welcome Home by BTO is more bone crushingly football appropriate for me.

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I forgot that one

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I always remember the ones that bore into my brain like a dental drill back in the 1970's... good times. :smiley:

Ya, BTO can sure yell a song at you.

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Especially on scratched vinyl played at full volume on a cheap stereo.

That was my life......still is

I hated giving up my 8 track player.

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(My reaction if I was still a teenager with a busted turntable)

"YOU had an 8 track player?! You are truly a god among men sir!!!"

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“It’ll be fun going back to work with these guys and knowing how they get after it and go chase another championship,” said Taylor. “There’s a love for each other with this team.

“It’s about having the ‘right’ guys. They really do pick the right guys. I’ve been on other teams where you look at certain players and you know that he’s a ‘me’ guy, all he worries about is ‘me’ and he’s not worrying about the team. When you come to Winnipeg it really is team first. At the end of the day, you have to look after yourself, but you have to put the team first from the top down. You see it in the guys every day and it’s an atmosphere you want to be around.

“I’m very excited for May and just to walk into the locker room and see those guys again. We know what we have ahead of us and how much harder it will be to win it again. But just getting back with those guys and working hard again, I’m just really excited for that.”

@pantsonfire : Are you sure this is just publicity, or could it be that if every player speaks like this, that it really is a great place/vibe to be in as an athlete chasing the ultimate goal?