Bombers sign Darian Sherman

....Another BIG 'un' for our qbs. to throw to....This kid is 6'6''...225....Has great speed for a big guy and very athletic... One draw-back is that he tore-up his knee and was out of football for a year...He'll be at the mini camp in April if anyone wants to have a look....Impressive if this guy works out.. Mr. Mack :thup:

Is that official? I saw an article where it said he had been offered a contract but I don't see anything that he actually signed.

........ I might have jumped the gun a bit ... however the announcement of his signing should be imminent :roll:

I see there were a number of reports on twitter, etc that he has signed but nothing so far from the Bombers. Maybe they are waiting to announce them at the mini-camp.

Assuming his injuries are all healed up...what an intriguing possibility having him and Carr in the lineup...

....Nice to see ya back Kubie.....Carr and Sherman on the field at the same time would give the opposition fits... I can just see Buck in the back-field deliberating on which tower to throw to :lol: BUT of course he does have to check-in healthy...I see he's been signed and it's all over twitter but nothing from the club yet... :roll:

Thanks Papa...

NFL and NCAA usually distract me during the CFL off-season... :wink:

Indeed those two could definitely throw the opposition into a tizzy...especially if you have a TJH and a certain #82 on the field also.

Have to say...I sure like the way Mr Mack is conducting business so far.