Bombers sign Chang...

...I think the BigBlue have made a good move here...Chang really didn't get a good shot in the hammer ,playing for an under-achieving Cats team...maybe he'll show us something....He sure looked good in a pre-season game against us awhile back....IF he turns out like the other Hawaiian (Lobendahn) :rockin: ...MAYBE we have a find.... ????

The Good spin: What papa said.

The Bad spin: You just picked up the 4th string QB off the last place team in the league.

Actually I like this move by the Bombers, but they need to bring him along gradually. I would let him play in a few blowout games wether they are winning/losing by a lot. I believe he can be a good QB in this league.

But do you think he has more potential than Dinwiddie or Randall? If not, it's a meaningless signing.

Nothing wrong with this move imo. He could pan out in the future and really, how much could he have cost Taman ?

IMO Chang will one day be a very successful QB in this league, he is athletic, smart and a great all-round Qb....don't forget he is like the all-time leading passer in NCAA history or something crazy like that.

last year he made his first 2 CFL starts with a team that had 1 win at the time, a very poor recieving corp, and without the starting runningback, it was also against the best Defence in the league.

Chang is good. That's the unofficial scouting report.

Didn't see him much, threw interceptions behind a BAD o-line, never worked w/ a decent back... I'd say he's a blank slate. Wish the Blue had someone the likes of Kent Austin to bring these guys along.
Hope he's not costing too much.

Jordan, if you want to sell Bomber fans on Chang, I wouldn’t mention his collegiate numbers if I was you, it’s not good salesmanship. Know your audience…Bomber fans will remember all too well one Tee Martin, who also had terrific numbers out of college, and was a complete and total bust in the CFL.

okay, this signing makes absolutely no sense at all, we have Dinwiddie and Randall (whom Taman chased for how many years?). Why are we signing a QB, when other area's need upgrading? Why Chang? Last i saw chang he was pulled because he was 2 for 12 for 26 yards and 3 INTS, my god Taman what r u thinking? Riders pick up Bishop who is somewhat proven, can run and has a strong arm and we pick up another USELESS QB in my opinion, stop this Drama!!! If it isn't kickers it's QB'S!!! Betcha Randall and Dinwiddie are peaved, could lose a great prospect in Randall for a bone headed, big mouthed, cocky QB in Chang whom was let go from the CATS cause his attitude sucks, guy thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread, bone-headed move in my opinion, time will prove me right!!

...maybe you're right MadJack.....maybe you're wrong.....I don't think we've seen enough of this kid to properly assess him...I thought for sure Als. would've picked him up....knowing how Popp jumps all over qbs....I know he'll get a shot here...maybe not this year , although there's still a lot of ball to be played, but for sure next year... :wink:

im not trying to "sell" bomber fans on chang.

i was just giving my opinion on him, with some reasoning for my opinion

…what’s wrong with letting Chang have a fair shot----saying t.c. next year…Play Randall at some point this year so we can really get a good look at him …and we know what Dinwiddie can do (Ryan didn;t impress me his last time out)better to have too many than be looking under rocks at the last minute for someone credible…This kid could surprise us…and if he doesn’t we haven;t lost a helluva lot…As for other qbs. getting po’d…They better play ball every time out or it could be a down-grade on the roster for them…NOBODY on this team can afford to have a chip on their shoulder at this point in time…if ever…or they could be cleaning out their locker… if that sounds tough …sorry,that’s the nature of the bizzzz… :wink:

....what's wrong with letting Chang have a fair shot----saying t.c. next year...Play Randall at some point this year so we can really get a good look at him ....and we know what Dinwiddie can do...
What is this, training camp in the midseason? 4 QB's in camp mean that Randall will be cut w/o a look, which is stupid or that Dinwiddie will be released, which is also stupid b/c the Bombers have developed Ryan to the point of being a proven backup if required (recall the 2007 Grey Cup).

This move along with bringing in a new kicker suggests to me that Chang is being brought in to push Kevin Glenn.

In other words, the same soul-crushing atmosphere that broke Troy Westwood and left Kevin Glenn on the sidelines for almost half of the season is being maintained in the 2nd half of the season. Taman & Coach Berry haven’t learned a thing.


Agreed no receivers to throw too. Even Printers has problems so that tells you something.

Reason Timmy was cut in Hamilton was age and Huge Contact ..

He should nice 3rd Quaterback for The Bombers

A third QB in Hamilton might end up the Bombers' starter after the stink Kevin Glenn made in Regina.

If I were Berry, I would play Chang and Randall next game and see what happens.

I hope Chang does good in Winnipeg. I believe Taman is doing the right thing. You're gonna see some exciting games when Chang plays. Wide Recievers: better be ready for the ball!!

I could be wrong. But I don't think Chang will do much in the Peg. He was a bust in Hamilton and their team is just as lousy as Winnipeg's. We have Randall and we should be looking at him. Have a look at some NFL cuts. This is just some creative window dressing invented by Taman to keep his job.

after seeing Glenn play on Sunday, i am now 50/50 on this move, maybe Chang could be a great QB, maybe not, but can he be any worse than Glenn? I agree with giving Randall a better look this year (as i have said on all threads) before jumping the gun on someone else. I see our QB sitution looking like this VERY soon.

  1. Dinwiddie or Chang or Randall
  2. Randall or Dinwiidie or Chang
  3. Chang or Randall or Dinwiddie

Notice that Glenn is not on the list (finally)?

By the way, where is the announcement about signing Chang? is this for real? or just a rumour? i have heard nothing official about Chang being signed by the Bombers, can someone help me out here as i may have missed something!!