Bombers Sign Bishop

NI receiver Josh Bishop that is :wink:

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers announced today they have added non-import wide receiver Josh Bishop to the practice roster. Bishop (6-1, 212, Wilfrid Laurier, DOB: September 28, 1987 in Mississauga, Ontario) was one of the top ranked receivers heading into this past year’s CFL Canadian Draft. He enjoyed a solid career at Wilfrid Laurier where he ended with 74 catches for 1,225 yards and seven touchdowns. His best season came as a junior when he led his team in receiving with 537 yards and five touchdowns on his way to being named an OUA Second Team All-Star.

That was cruel on so many levels. I'm sure Mr. Wonderful/PaulPearson/MichaelBishop2010/etc was wetting himself when he saw that thread title.

lol :lol:

interesting, could be a good signing. certainly worth a look.

Saw Rainbows

LOL, oh that was good. My jaw dropped when I saw the thread. I was checking to see what's happening with replacing Jyles. Perhaps it may happen yet?

Bombers bought into the Bishop demonization along with Riders and Argos, but the irony is all 3 clubs could use him at QB! Durant may be done, Argos have nobody and Bombers??? Bombers are out of the playoffs , and the future looks bleak at this point in time.

Funny thing is that Bombers are going to spin this season as an improvement over last year, when in reality there is nothing to base that on whatsoever. Yes you have some of the tv commentators/pundits telling you all this is the case, but they also said the same thing each and every year during the Ticat struggles with Maas and Printers. I can hear the pundits, oh there much better than their record, they said the same about Bombers "EAR RING " coach, his name slips my mind, people liked him so everybody said, oh Bombers are so close, much better than their record etc

Dunigan was a terrible coach and GM, yes a great/fantastic QB, should have been a starting QB in his own country, in the NFL, but for our sakes he came to the Best league the CFL, thank God!!! But he has no idea about talent, outside of his own.

Truth is Bombers are not an improvement over last year! Spin it how you like that`s fine, maybe you can convince yourselves, but the fact remains the team went backwards!! For that matter Argos only won most of their games because of special teams, and Riders need a QB.

I believe the Argos would probably rather start Danny Brannagan at QB than Bishop. Actually, I believe the Bombers and Riders would probably rather trade a pick to Toronto for Brannagan and start him at QB than bring in and start Bishop too.