Bombers sign Baker

bombers sign robert baker... hoping for a back up QB, but nonetheless a good signing.

yes, i really like this signing…and trust me, there will be a new qb in town before the bye week is over…im just wondering who it could be that is currently on any cfl rosters, and im talking about trades, not free agents…maybe marcus brady, nealone greene, mcmanus, or crandell…those are the ppl that i could see the bombers attempting to get…im hoping its either crandell or mcmanus

think of this as Baker for

too bad glenn is hurt for 4 weeks, cuz numbers 85, 88 and 84 would be a force with number 5 throwing the leather.

the name Darnell Kennedy is floating around this morning....where exactly is he, or has he been out of the league....

Why anyone would be happy with the signing of that guy is beyond me.

If he wouldnt play for Pinball he wont play for

Good luck, you'll need it.

yep, very just goes to show how valuable glenn is to this any other starting qb is to their team

i think the problem in toronto is, they are aquiring too much talent and they keep mixing up the players, so no chemistry is formed....they keep rotating baker, rj soward and stokes, and now this other guy who played the first half in montreal....

i think baker might be pissed that he keeps getting bumpped for these NON-ARGOS ( stokes and new guy ).

baker is too good to be bumpped for those clowns...why bother showing up for team meetings and practice when they aint playing u?...the argos like to say thier 'one big family', but they dont seem to treat the core guys like family, do they? ( sit baker avery and soward )

i say the argos shoulda cut has he dones for them?...NOTHING.

i think baker will be happy in the peg...hes gonna be startin every game. he'll be playing with stegall and he's with a good bunch of coaches and a GM who knows how to build a TEAM, not just a group of players ( like rita in TO )

very true, DG, Baker is an ego maniac, and you have to feed that ego with globs of playing time so he doesnt have time to sit on the bench and stew about it, he gets to be a main player with the Bombers which he should enjoy..

You guys could be right, but i doubt it.

....there's no doubting Bakers talent and abilities..... but i'm just
a little worried that with the non-back-ups we have at quarterback...we won't be able to get him the ball....i hope Baker is patient enough to wait till we get a real qb. to start.....and the next game for the Bombers is against .....lets see ....oh the Argos....Robert will have some real incentive in that one .....maybe a one-man wrecking crew.. :rockin: :rockin:

In the Winnipeg Sun today apparently Taman is considering bringing back Khari Jones :open_mouth:

....throw down that microphone Khari...and start throwing the ball....wouldn't that be neat and sweet for Jones...he may need a load of pursuading to leave the nice media touch he's got....but who knows...and can he still play??? one thing is for sure'.. he would automatically be the no 2 guy ... :o :roll:

imagine he comes in and does such a good job, he steals the #1 spot from glenn...would be weird, but not likely.

Baker won't be able to do anything without a decent QB throwing to him. And his attitude both on and off the field is very "Terrel Owens" like IMO.