Bombers sign Andrew Harris

Excellent signing by Winnipeg to get Harris. Not only is he one of the best RBs in the league, he's a NI which the Bombers are in desperate need of.

This is a massive loss for the Lions. It's laughable to watch the combination of Buono and Braley bumble around and run that franchise into the ground.

Macho Harris is horrifically bad. If he somehow manages to be given a starting job, he'll clearly be the weak link of the Bombers defence.

Walters and The Lemonade Salesman got too cute in signing both Dressler AND Smith. Terrible idea to have a pair of undersized 5'7" starting receivers - - as evidenced last year in Regina.

Keeping's career is finished - - his knees are shot to the point that he can hardly move. He's a good guy and it's nice to see him get one more payday, but I can tell you that he's no upgrade over Picard.

Dressler had 940 yards receiving with 6 TDs, Smith 991 yards with 7 TDs. They were hardly the problem in Regina last year.

Macho Harris on the other hand....could surprise but is also an easy cut if he's not up to snuff. Just because he's on the roster doesn't mean he'll still be there after camp. Long way to go.

...Well if you would've witnessed Picards downfall last year....believe me Keeping is a god-send..O'Shea knows the Argos through and through and I don't think he'd be interested in an o line man on his team whose knees were shot.... :wink:

The only "surprise" that will come from Macho Harris is the "surprise" at how terrible he is.

Cutting him in camp doesn't change the fact that the Bombers are wasting a roster spot on him now. Just as two years when Winnipeg signed Kevin Smith - - a mediocre Import RB whose career had been finished for years.

Don't waste money and roster spots on mediocre Americans when there's so many others with some actual potential available for minimum salary.

I witnessed Keeping trying to play C last year and it was a disaster. Can't tell you how many times the Argo QBs were either running for their life or on their wallet because Keeping was blown backwards.

You'll see for yourself what I'm talking about this year.