Bombers sign Andrew Harris

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Can confirm @Wpg_BlueBombers have signed RB Andrew Harris @cfl

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#Bombers deal w/ @andrewharris33 is for a 3 year term according to @JDunk12. #CFL #CFLFA

looks like the Bombers have also agreed to terms with former Rider WR Ryan Smith...

gary lawless ?@garylawless
Deal between @Wpg_BlueBombers and WR Ryan Smith agreed upon verbally. Team just waiting for signed contract to announce @cfl #cflfa

Gotta hand it to Winnipeg. They said they'd be active in free agency and they are walking the walk.

…Best Canadian running back in the league…welcome home Andrew…bout’ time…Also signed his back-up in B.C. Pascal Lochard …nice size running back who was a second round B.C. pick last year :thup:

… receiver Ryan Smith just about inked and close to a deal with Euclid Cummings…hard to keep up with Mr. Walters :rockin:

Addressing some serious needs, too: RB, DT, and WR, to go with Dressler already in the fold. Glad the Bombers aren't in our division anymore! :wink:

it’s official (re: Ryan Smith)

gary lawless ?@garylawless
Smith deal signed and announcement from @Wpg_BlueBombers imminent @cfl #cflfa

Shologan, macho Harris, Andrew Harris, Dressler, Smith, Medlock....

Bombers have just won off season

I don't know....riders are giving us a good run AND they are still making a big push for Laurent.... :roll:

There's that friendly Manitoba modesty. Haha

Lot of great signings but we still only have 5 OL on the roster and a gaping hole at starting LG. Harris, Dressler, and Smith won't matter much if we can't fix that.

Still personally hoping for a run at Capicotti, then we switch to a 3-4 D starting an all Canadian front of Westerman, Shologan, and Capicotti, all internationals at LB and in the secondary.

....Capiccotti would be sweet but have we enough money left in the vault...Dressler,Smith and Harris cost a bit throw in Shologan and are wallet is getting a little on the thin side...Hope we can land Capiccotti or another canuck...Looking at our receiving corps,,Dressler,Smith, and Denmark and Harris who is not shabby catching out of the backfield ...should be fun to watch ..Opposition might need a munchkin tracking device :lol:

IMO you can't start an all-national front, because you don't have the quality depth to substitute national starters if any of them goes down and that front is going to be wicked tough to replenish via drafting, trade, and free agency. Shologan, at this stage in his career, may not be an every-down tackle either. But really, the determining factor is Ritchie Hall. Has he ever run a 3-4 consistently in his coaching career? Seems to me he's been more of a 4-3 man for the most part and O'Shea may not want to mess with the D alignment just as they're starting to find their groove.

We played some 3-4 after we signed Ian Wild late last season, so it wouldn’t be out of the blue that they would consider it. I don’t think we’ll see that either, just a wild dream I guess. Depth is an issue for sure, but remember this was a team that forced starting 8 Canadians just about every game last season when we had no reason to. And there’s still enough Canadians at DB and LB on the roster that you can rotate guys in and out if there was an injury. But like I said, not realistic.

True, but being forced to start 8 Canadians spread out over the roster is different from choosing to start Canadians exclusively all along the D-line. One injury and suddenly you're having to take out a great international LB, say, and bring in a second-tier national player purely for passport reasons. Teams typically dress Canadians at positions where there is the greatest depth of talent: O-line, safety, receiver, RB (increasingly), and DT. That way, you're protected if injury strikes.

Anyhow, we'll see how it all unfolds. Walters certainly has been aggressive and you have to give him credit for that.

Yes, things haven't been going so well in Winnipeg lately and a new stadium doesn't make up for a team that isn't winning, eventually.

Bombers weren’t done. Jeff keeping now, too.

I can't believe it. Keeping is one of the guys I've always coveted for the Bombers.... i can't find anything on the Lockhard signing or is it just rumour ?

Lockhard is official.

....Keeping is certainly an upgrade on Picard...Apparently O'Shea has/had an 'in' with him and was bending his ear...Once the Argos went with Watman and Bourke I think there was no keeping Keeping...sorry for that last one.. :oops: