Bombers show true colours.

Pulverized at home! This is how the Bombers respond to the "1-5 is better then living in Winnipeg" comment?

I knew this team's W-L column wasn't a true reflection of the teams abilities.

I'd be worried now that the easy part of the schedule is over.

Better luck next year.

Any one game (playoff or non-playoff) is usually not an accurate assessment of most teams. For example, Edmonton losted one game to Hamilton the worst team in 2005, but still won the grey cup later. Actually, the best measure is the win-loss record during the entire regular season. Championships aren't always won by the best team, but instead the team which performs best in 2-3 weeks.

funny how Edmonton fans keep trying to deflect attention away from their lastplace 2-5 team!!!! :lol:

If the bombers win the cup and the Eskies dont make the playoffs..... will they still be claiming it not a true reflection of the teams?

ha ha no kidding ro. its funny.

We are truly fortunate to have some football fans from Edmonton who are knowledgeable and have always been objective in their analysis of the situation.

Delete this thread from the bomber forum... Dont need this spam in here, put it in the eskimos forum or something.

pretty sad they have to take out their frusturation on other teams LOL get a life

...HOW'THIS....JUST FOR YOU EE AND YOUR PAL.....RICKYWHATEVER....ESKIMOS STINK PLAIN AND SIMPLE ....go correct the faults with your loser club and to put it quite bluntly ...take a lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

Imagine Edmonton without Ricky Ray and Jason Tucker. That's pretty much what happened to Winnipeg this past week. Minus their starting QB and star receiver, they lost to a desperate Hamilton team that ran the ball more effectively than any of us would have imagined against the vaunted Bomber run defense. No shame in that. Everyone loses sometime. To say that this one loss shows Winnipeg's 'true colours' is merely the jealous ravings of an Eskimo fan who simply can't deal with the fact that his subpar team is dead last in the western conference.

The eskies minus Ray would not make any difference. They cant win with him so how can not having him hurt?

Take Tucker out and watch that faint hope of winning drop to zero. How many games has Tucker pulled out with a highlight-reel TD catch? The guy is their money receiver, just like Stegall is Winnipeg's money receiver. You can talk all you want about Hervey and Mitchell, but Jason Tucker makes that offense go. No team would be the same without its star receiver.

Pulverized......they hung pretty tough until Hammer put it away in the 4th Q.....not too shabby considering they didnt have anyone who could catch a would have been a bloddy miracle if they really are a putz EE, oh and your team completely sucs.

did you now watch how we SHUT OUT THE CATS AT THEIR HOME??? idoit!!!

wait until Glenn and Setgail are better again!

I LOVE how you guys pin the loss on the absense or your #1QB and your top rec. yet in the SAME post you boast about beating a Hamilton team... MINUS their #1QB and the same RB that "pegged" you for 233 AP yards... you can't have it both ways guys...IMO the Bombers are now living up to their record

...and Hamilton is living up to theirs....there's still a long way to go....for both teams....i believe we are still ahead of Argos and the Hammer..Glenn will be back after the bye and so will Stegall....we should be good and nasty for the Argos when they come to town... :wink: :lol:

…the radio this morning said Glenn is about another three weeks away…

...about ....could that be 2 or 4....he'll be back for T.O..... :wink:

If your team weighs that heavily on one guy, give up. Good game yesterday, the whistle really helped. Find a way to eliminate about 30 more points so you'll have a chance against us. GL with that. Lions, all the way!

Completly agree.

The biggest question is what happens next year when Milt is gone? It’s obvious that none of the current receivers have what it takes to step up to fill his shoes.

...the question you might ask yourself ee ....what are the Esks. going to do THIS YEAR.... never mind the Bombers... i believe our record is still better than yours.....Stegall has already hinted he'll be back next i said before ...clean up your own back before trying to clean up someone elses....Bombers will finish ahead of the Esks. in points this can take that to the bank :thup: :lol: :lol: