Bombers should play for next year

Need to trade players to obtain draft picks as they have already won too many games to get the 1st pick over all. They need to play their CDN o lineman so they can get experience so take Willy out and put in some expendable QB to take all the hits. Save Willy for next year. Find some better american players as we dress more american o line man than any other team and still have the worst oline. Just proves we do not need a ratio rule as there will always be enough good Canadian to compete with the lazy US players. Many Canadians go to NFL without even playing a down in the CFL. Time to get rid of that birth certificate rule. Let the best players play. CFL is the only sport I know that does this.

There are leagues around the world that are looking at the CFL model and its ratio rule. This has been discussed in the past on this board if you feel like digging for it. I'm not even originally from Canada and I love the ratio rule. Keep the game as Canadian as possible!

Agreed. It is one of the things that make the CFL so unique. Everyone wants to see the Canadian kids excel at a high level.

Keep the ratio PERIOD.

I'm fine with the ratio rule as well. The main problem I have with it is that they didn't really think much about the ratio rules and expansion. The number of quality Nationals players was just not enough to go around to fill in 9 teams. That probably played a part in the offenses had such a hard time getting going for most of the season considering how many starting Nat players are on the offensive side of the ball. They should have allowed the teams to carry more National specific PR spots in the couple of years leading up to expansion or cut down the number of starting Nationals for 1 season. When you combine the expansion draft with teams losing 2 Nationals of their roster, trying to replace some spots to retirement, and the changes to the draft eligibility rules and a weaker draft, there wasn't enough talent ready to play at the top level.