bombers should of won

YAY!!! its not the end! LOL im sucha loser! 8)

i think when Glenn is back Tee should stay in, if he keeps up this progress

That game was crap to watch. Fumbles, interceptions, dropped passes, penalties, missed field goals...

And I think I've seen higher scoring games between the Oilers and Jets.


The only way it would have been worse is if Fleming missed that last field goal and we'd have to watch overtime.

It was a fun game for me to watch because the last 3 games for the Bombers were blowouts except that Calgary game were we actually had a chance to win it but came out with a lose. I'm saying this was a fun game to watch because I'm a bombers fan. It's a change from seeing the bombers stand around and watch the opposing team tear us apart. (example: the sask. and edmonton game..not really the calgary game) Yeah, it was a sloppy/ugly game but that's what the Bombers had to do to come out with a chance in beating Edmonton. Everyone expected a blowout for this game and I am for one happy that this game was an ugly one. Keep up the D bombers, let's hope we can improve our offence and whatever and I'll say it again - Go Bombers Go!

The funny thing is, is that the bombers played their best game all year (denfensively). Yet I thought it was the worst out of all the games..... and I paid for it! This wasn't the team we saw in Montreal last week and hopefully things don't get any worse. Macocia better give them a biiiiiiiiiiig speech and run them down hard in practice... But yeah, I thought it was just BRUTAL... no one was into it (until the refs called that penalty) and then the fans just went nuts. I heard people talking about the refs and how bad a job they did in the game on the TSN site but I think they had a couple bad calls going both ways so its ok. W.e......... I still had fun. (I love those beach balls) and these drunk guys kept hitting on the chick cop at the top lol. it was hilarious. Winnipeg should of had it but man...... hopefully noone ever has to witness a game like that again.

Hervey wasn't playing, was he?

You guys had a few injuries tonight, but that usually happens in such a sloppy game.

And that TD the bombers scored, I think Ricky was feeling sorry for the bombers and just kinda flipped that one back there on purpose, it really was a pathetic game.

that is prob the worst post i have ever seen on CFL forums, glenn is MUCH better then martin ever will be

what! glenn sucks the big one!

because of one game? my god you people on this forum are stupid

Two words - Spurgeon Wynn.

thats exactly why Wynn is the backup right?

Glenn has a bad game first game, oh he must be thrown out you winnipeg football fans are pathetic backups backups!!

no, because i dont think he is a solid qb, i dont think its necassary to be calling me stupid because i have an opinion.

im pathetic now???

well obviously you over looked his QB rating the last few games last year ? you know only second in the cfl under AC

i dont care, i have my opinions, dont have to be a jerk about it. :x

well i apologize but it annoys me to see everyone in wpg always wanting backups

well alright, dont go all ape on people though.

i dont go "ape" on ppl, i usually dont post here i always do on 55yardline or ourbombers