bombers should of won

does anyone agree?! stupid flemming! that was our win. im p.o!

How about that bomber defence, that is 8 straight quaters without giving up a touchdown, maybe even 9 going back to the last game against edm in winnipeg, not to shabby.

I wish! but Edmonton won far and sqare, too bad it didn't go into OT.

But I feel prond to be a BB fan right now, and that is important!

GO BB!!!

our D is awesome, we need an offence, it still was our game, i cant believe this, im freaking out!

BB fans have a lot to be proud of - defensively they schooled the Eskimos. I don't agree that they should have won, though. That's just the same thing as some of the Rider fans saying that we should have won, but it was screwed up by our stupid penalty late in the game. They got jumped on big time for saying that. Unfortunately, Winnipeg played well, but still not well enough to win. I sure wish they would have, though. . .

edmonton was lucky. ( ill be my normal self in about half an hour!, talking about all the positives :smiley: , lol sry)

kudos to winnipeg on a great game and a great D tonight....should you have won? maybe, but we did and thats it....good teams find ways to win when they're down

im not being fair lol well at least we didnt get creamed like everyone thought we would! :slight_smile: edmonton beat us...tough game though, haha i love football!

It hurts me in CFL picks as well, I had Winnipeg picked and was pumped with 1:50, 1:10 and :40 left :frowning:

i was soo pumped! i yelled and cheered, my brothers g/f thought i was on drugs probably, but thats what i love about cfl! you never know what is going to happen! and yes, edmonton won fair and square, i was just being a little freak lol sry!

That the sportsmanship Kirsten! :wink:

No worrys! Mate! we will get them next time eh? guys have a great D..........I always thought the D line was awesome but man your secondary stole the show tonight........yes edmonton will chalk up the W, but that's a W with a LOT of questions behind proud BB fans, your team deserved that game........

IMO, we got a "w" tonight, not a "W"....stilla w though, and thats what counts

I was freaking out the whole game...this was an insane game.. with everything that happened..especially at the end..with that late touchdown by the bombers d that made us up by 1 point.. and stopping tucker and making him lose the ball and having lysack pick it up..we are still alive, until we had to punt it and give the game away..which led to long bomb on 3rd down..eating up the time and the simple easy field goal that crushed me and probably all the bomber fans watching...our D was awesome..with walls (3 sacks) and making those interceptions we got, not letting anyone get open, making it hard on ricky to pass..and wow..i'm very upset at the moment and very happy of how our d us being down 0-4 this will be TOUGH and I mean tough..but if the bombers can come out strong agaisnt montreal who will be in our house..let's hope we can put on the same show! GO EFFING BLUE BOMBERS GO! p.s. all the guys the picked edmonton are lucky because remember what happened with ottawa.. i picked winnipeg and i'm GLAD that I did because it makes me feel even more good to pick them next week agaisnt Montreal!

yeah i just kinda freak out after crazy games like that, all that anger comes out! lol but yes, props to edmonton! :!: that was the best game ive seen from the bombers all year, but just imagine if we had an offence and a defence like that? we'd be rocken! least we don't have to play edmonton again until...wait for it.....playoff time.. :lol: :lol:

oh of course.. maybe the offence will show up next week against montreal and we will be ROCKIN'

lol playoffs... next friday should be an awesome game!!! cant wait!!

Congrats to the esks on the W, thought the bombers had it when the defence got that TD, but thats the CFL, its just so insane you never know until the final play who is gonna win. Perhaps this was a preview of the playoffs, since that is the only way we will end up playing each other again this season, even at 0 - 4 I am not throwing in the towel on the season just yet, I still think this team can win 10 or 11 games this year once Glenn is back.

Me too! GO Blue Bombers!!!