Bombers should boycott come games until Bauer is gone!

I think I’ve finally figured Bauer out. He was happier than a pig in sh*t whether the Bombers were winning or losing; as long as the stands were full. His proudest accomplishment was that he brought back the Bombers from financial ruin when times were tough for the CFL.

There we were when the Blue Bumblers were 2-10, filling the stands–Bauer could care less, from what I saw. HE got his Grey Cup ring. I don’t think he cares if the the Bombers win another game, let alone another Grey Cup, as long as the bottom line looks good. We should let that bottom line sag and stop going to the games until Lyle Bauer is gone.

Think what you will about private ownership, but at least Asper REALLY wants the Bombers to win. I remember his tirade a couple a years ago–that’s what we need, someone who wants to win. I don’t think it’s Bauer.

You are correct. Bauer's only concern is the bottom line. Have you noticed that since the last game was not sold out he is now attempting to help Kelly. He could careless if we win any games. His only concern is bottom line. I agree everyone should stay away. That way the problem will be taken care of.

Looking forward to a Bomber victory Friday night

Don't get too cocky, BC's a good team and each and every time you talk, the team's make you eat crow pie. Save it until you actually win, my 2-5 divisonal buddy.

I don't suspect anyone's getting cocky. . .

It's still the CFL after all, and anything can happen.

Is BC a good team? So far this year they've been inconsistent to mediocre; I wouldn't say "good" at this point.

They've got some QB issues, and Winnipeg has a very good defence.

So if Winnipeg can get some semblance of an offence going, the game is winnable.

Not putting money down, however.

I think their chances will improve if they dont fumble the kickoff on the first play :twisted:

Anybody like my Flutie picture? Thanks to ro1313 for great help setting picture up :thup:

Sounds a bit cocky to me madjack, Lion’s have struggled but are improving and are starting to get strong on defense and offense whereas the Bombers are only good on defense.

Considering fanatic has promised an 8-3 record the rest of the way. Beating the last place Lions would seem logical.

LOL, or maybe this is one of the 3 losses. . .

...The game tomorrow night against the leos is in the man Shabazz is playing safety and his pal Lobendahn is also a 100 percent and also in the line-up.....The d is going to give the lions the offence ,on the other hand, has to put up a couple of tds.....orrrrrrrrrrrr the 'bag' i said the game was gonna be in, will be planted firmly on my head next game... :?

Not sure either, but it`s one or the other. My info suggested there would be a break out game that would lead to a 8-3 record in the final 11 games. It was not clear if it was to begin before the bye week or after.

Did your info say what year?

Good one :slight_smile:

Just trying to be optimistic. Footballs a game of emotion, right? If Bombers could get off on the right foot, the QB`s get in to a rhythm, good things should happen. If I was the HC in this situation, I would ask my QB what he felt the most comfortable with? Ask the receivers for their input as well.

I for one would be less than totally surprised if the Bombers won tomorrow. BC does have QB issues, and Wpg. has a good D. Plus, BC has won a couple in a row, so the pressure is off them a little. Winnipeg, on the other hand, seems to be lurching from one crisis to another, with no good news in sight...sometimes in the CFL that makes for a dangerous opponent.

Considering this is the Winnipeg board, he's allowed to be a little cocky. :wink:

But considering they're 2-5 and taking on water from all directions, only a little.